Bloggers, Idiom Grammar To the Rescue!

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The idiom “the straw that broke the camel’s back“, alluding to the proverb “it is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back“, describes the seemingly minor or routine action that causes an unpredictably large and sudden reaction, because of the cumulative effect of small actions.

Why did one straw break the camel’s back? The idea is one of piling an extreme burden on a camel, until the weight of one, final piece of straw becomes the tipping point that causes the camel to collapse. References to the proverb of the straw that broke the camel’s back may be found at the turn of the nineteenth century.

What is the meaning of the idiom that was the last straw? The Last Straw. … You can use the idiom ‘The Last Straw‘ when something is deemed to be the last in a line of unacceptable occurrences. Example of Use: “She has been unhappy with him for a long time but when he crashed her car, it was the last straw.” Jan 1, 2013

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Idiom” = It is a phrase that the meaning of separate words is different from whole phrase. “Proverb“=It is a fix sentence. So the differences between proverbs and idioms are: … “Idioms” are phrases/part of a sentence but “proverbs” are full/fixed sentences. Jun 14, 2014

At a lost for words to describe what’s going on and you think a “saying” may help? I recall a past post about sayings. It talked about our ancestors coming up with supposed “proverbs” that were (are) filled with words of wisdom. One such as “ladies, never put your purse on the floor or you won’t ever have any money.” This one is a tad, NO, absolutely and positively RIDICULOUS! Management has everything to do with what’s in your account; not rather you place your purse on the floor! Idioms, on the other hand, can really capture the seriousness (in a funny way) on how we’re feeling. In other words a camel’s back cannot be broken, but it surely fits a type of crime (lol).

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We all have different occurrences that inspire our writing. It’s why we can write on a day to day basis. Take a careful look at this depiction on the left which was found by an idiom research. Because we view ideas in different ways someone decided to put this in the “fed up” pile of research. The depiction bears some truth to it. Although, sometimes when my gender is “tripping” it’s because she’s lost her mind: be it jealousy or she’s just plain’o crazy (lol).

As my journey is coming to a close I’m becoming more aware to other’s way of expression is similar to mine. Meaning, our lives are (in some type of way) idioms at its best. If anything, I needed this blog just to calm down to a recent event. The camel’s back was broken (lol). And guess what happened …. I digressed to write!

The “Blah”

I read some of the blogs I’ve done and they are pretty … blah. Not that I didn’t mean any of what I wrote; more so it seemed like gloom had overshadowed my intent. It is never to bore or be without meaning. A heart’s desire to be informative, encouraging, witty, intriguing, funny; a mirror whose reflection emanates others thoughts/feelings of truth and who can personally testify the same in what I see/experience.

I don’t want to give away my secret approach in writing my writes (what most would call poems) but I want to share an idea, perhaps, that you have as well.

Naaaah! (lol). We each have our unique ability to express ideas the way we do. To be exciting and gain, at least, one reader! So, this one is just for you …. (well, like the other ones I write too .. lol) …

Written by Katherine Matthews

A Writer’s Repetition

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We are the most creative limited human beings ever! That is a strong statement, yet, the oxymoron fits! As much as we come up with ideas to expound upon we still wound up covering the same thing. We dress it up to make it appear prettier but, somehow, it still equals the same. You know what, be okay with this fact!

I have been enjoying many of the blogs on here. The insight from how to blog, to favorite books, to worldly news, to relational advise. The creative part comes from the person’s stance. Somewhere in there we will agree or disagree alike but how we convey it is what makes the difference. It’s pretty amazing that we are billions upon billions of individuals having the same thought at one time or another but reaching that conclusion is always different.

The blogger helpers, for instance, are the best. I seen the blog where you can create a business by blogging. Now, how cool is that? If you enjoy writing, which is gathered that each of us loves it and can get paid doing something we love, that is too cool. And too those bloggers who delve into those helpful tips to get notice — I don’t blame you. You want readers. Who doesn’t? It’s the whole point of doing a blog.

Ah-ha! Doing a blog!! Let’s broaden the writer’s repetition and expand it to writing for personal use like in a diary. That writing is not about having a reader and/or seeking approval. It’s about pouring deep seeded thoughts that you “feel” safe to share within the confines of a “secret place.” And, if there is a sought in approval, it’s for acceptance of self. We were created to connect. Connection with self goes a long way, especially in writing. I remember Cristan stating that we have to flush out the idea before we blog about it; he then goes on to further explain how to make our blogs more interesting. Flushing out an idea is seeing, fully, why you want to write about it. Whatever has impressed you to move forward is the connection needed to self and the idea.

So, if you’re like me out there and you find yourself running into yourself (ALL OF YOU WHO DON’T WANT TO ADMIT IT … ADMIT IT RIGHT NOW lol) you will be okay! There’s nothing new under the sun. Every idea has been thought of expressed in songs, poetry, blogging, books, etc. Be and stay encourage that you are unique and the value of your angle is just as important as anyone else!

A Writer’s Write

A MUST read all the way to the end!

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Idea after idea after idea! I’m sure there is always something to talk, or in our world, write about. Which leads me to this question. Is there such a thing as writing about writing? This, perhaps, can stem from those who help other bloggers (writers) formulate their ideas and make a clear message for our audience. Yet, in this very moment I’m feeling as though writing is becoming about writing.

Lately, I’ve had to experience some crucial rude awakenings and, admit, frustration’s peace appears allusive. First question: how can frustration be peaceful? Second, how can it be allusive? Great questions by the way (lol). The second question actually explains the first. The suggestion (or allusion) being made is that my rude awakenings have brought troubling truths that I can’t avoid. I’ve tried to, but circumstances won’t let me. So, frustration has a peace because of settling on what needs to be done. Still unclear? I love it. Well, writing about writing! My mind is clouded with complexities of trees, fans, clothes, lions and rain, and I’ve set to write a blog about writing. But you’ve gotta keep reading ….

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A Sharpener SHARPENS

It’s rather nerve wrecking for me to write. I find joy and displeasure most times. The preceding paragraph is purposely written (somewhat) in a mass of confusion though my mind is clear enough to jot these few lines. The complexity of a tree or fan, clothes, lions or even rain is that neither coincide with each other. There in lies the clarity! I KNEW they didn’t! Why “three paragraphs” later? Because sometimes the point …. no, isn’t that why we write in the first place? We have something we want to convey to our audience (the ideas). This place is a place to spread our wings and fly effortlessly within, what we firmly believe, to be our pilot. We are driven to blog; for most everyday. A tendency to share what we have on a page because that “ability” drives us no matter what to complete the task even if we’re talking about cell phone towers and a cup-0-noodles in the same story.

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You’re My JUST ONE!

I’m still wondering if I have one reader. I think I do. Oh, and by the way, I’ve thanked you before and thanking you again millions of times over! Oh yes! I wrote about that JUST ONE! That’s all it really takes. Sure, I, like anyone else, would love to touch the world, but if my audience is JUST ONE — Thank you in abundance! You are more important to me than I could ever explain to you! What appears to be beginning’s rhetoric is the idea to a mind that becomes scattered yet reaches a direction along the way. It’s, likely, feasible to wait until an idea is “clear” but I want to show how you can still press through an overcrowded mind and flow! And thus you get … A Writer’s Write!

IQ … Should We Believe?

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Nerve Wrecking?

Have you ever wondered what your IQ was? Have you ever taken a test to see what number you were and once you found out had some type of reaction to it? Did you agree or disagree? Why or why not? It’s amazing to go from preschool to 12th grade (possibly college if you were encouraged to do so) and still doubt where you fit in the world. Doubt. A very strong word to use. We doubt a lot of things but unwilling to admit we do.

Who wants to be told you’re dumb or imbecilic to figure out the basics? I know for sure I don’t. There is a misconception that writers are smart. I don’t think so. We face those grammar errors constantly. It’s like the screaming run-on sentence waits for a comma, semicolon and/or period. Creativity doesn’t make us smart. It makes us creative. I know, but there has to be some type of intellect to come up with these ideas to expound upon. And that thought would be correct, but what if a person’s desire to write doesn’t match the IQ of a writer? Meaning, he or she desires to write, have topics on top of topics and cannot formulate one sentence? It’s obvious that honing any craft takes practice as well as desire.

I wrote a blog that spoke about my comprehension. I suuuuucked (lol). I don’t have a problem admitting I had a struggle. Still do. It’s my truth, and I work on it all the time. Writing came as a result (well, blogging I should say) of trying to write poetry; though, I don’t like calling it poetry. Poetry makes my writing seem limited. That’s no put down to those who write poetry. It’s a beautiful talent. It’s warm and inviting. It takes a great amount of skill to be able to rhyme. That is given much due respect within itself! For me, I write in verse. In my book “A Mirror’s Reflection: Beyond the Veil” I wrote in verse. My readers told me they didn’t know they were going to read this type of writing but I pointed out it’s not really poetry. The book is about being a mirror that reflects. I reflect “Jealousy” so I wrote about it, but I also reflect “About Time” which talks about a man’s view of classless women.

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Speaks 4 Itself

Do I believe what I’ve learned about my IQ? Yes and no. I rated highly intelligent but didn’t do any further research to know what I’m intelligent in. Truthfully, it isn’t that important to me. I know people who place much on these studies. They live by it. Perhaps, knowing yourself is taking a good hard look in the mirror (of your mind) and allowing the truth to make you free!

Order your copy by clicking the link:

Bloggers Purpose or Purpose: Blogging?

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Confusion’s Apparel

Here ye! Here ye! Writing is now in session. The “honorable” writer presides! LOL! That’s funny right there. What does the title mean: “Bloggers Purpose” or “Purpose: Blogging?” The “Bloggers Purpose” stems from a blogger’s basic agenda. He or she will write about an idea creatively painting an intriguing picture that readers can’t wait to read the story of interest. The reader is then enlightened and/or entertained causing him or her to beg for more! And then there is the “Purpose: Blogging.” This is a person trying to figure out if they should write at all.

I don’t know if that appeared clear, especially since I’m writing about it, but I have had this plaguing question since a child of what is my purpose. I have various things that I sort of can do. I’m not even sure if there is such a thing as mastering an ability but have tried to become good at some of those abilities — putting practice in one area more than another. So, why am I still lost or, at least, continually feel this way? I had a conversation with my Dad this morning while at the gym about this and he told me that a person is not their purpose, however, I told him that a person’s purpose gives them a sense of identity. Who am I type thing. Like, I get that I am a child of God. A daughter, sister, friend, etc., yet why am I here? I told him that since childhood I’ve pondered this life I have. Again, why am I here?

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Speaks for itself

Here I am — writing! Am I fairly good at it? I don’t know. I’ve written some things and have received some positive views. I have also received great needful critiques, but … how come they’re still not enough? I love to help people. No! I have to do my usual. I truly LOVE helping people and want, if I can, for my writing (amongst other things) to be an encouragement, enlightenment, aid, teacher, etc. Hmmm, maybe that’s it …

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It’s NEVER Too Late 2 Figure Out

A “Bloggers Purpose” AND “Purpose: Blogging” — to utilize writing as a way to creatively motivate, etc., and KATHERINE … “It is something you do as a means to fulfill your desire …. helping others!”

What is your take on purpose overall?

KATch-UP Mondays: Jumbo-LIE-huh?

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Which idea again?

I absolutely love these titles that pop in my head. I read in a few of my comments that writing for them becomes easy. The person can just sit and write and write and write. And then there are those of us that be like … “Whaaat?” LOL. Those days, as talked about before, can be the worst. However, this time, I’m actually talking about bringing my writing idea together. I have much going on and I’m trying to put one sentence down. You know how you used to do in college to fill that 2,000 word essay on Social Economics and you found yourself typing words like “and, it, the, of, from, because, etc.,” over and over and over (LMBO)! It’s too hilarious!

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What’s going on?

The theme today is katchy! Hehehe! It’s full of wonder because we all face moments when we have the idea but it’s not fully clear how to start or get it to the height before you, can fathom, conclusion. Yes! That is what I’m talking about. But I guess the writers out there that know all the tricks and trades of writing have the slightest idea what I’m talking about. I’ve admitted that I’m an amateur in such things. Interesting, if you had a one on one conversation I have no problem whatsoever keeping up. Things, in sequence, fall in-line and I can go back and forth for hours on end; unless the topic is about the President (lol). ………..OK … sidebar … did yawl catch the golden win for America?!!! Wooohoo to the ladies who brought home the world cup. Congrats to you all. You earned it. Seems like a 2-0 win is nothing, but I know you put everything into it to win. What appears easy for viewers is blood, sweat and tears for players; well, and coaches (lol). Anywho~ … yeah, don’t wanna spend my long hard earned money (time) on that dude.

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Curiosity’s Truth

So, drop me some lines to tell me how you untangle those ideas and just write for days on end. OR … are you willing to concede that it happens? Hmmmmm … the “Jumble-LIE-huh?”

Blog Fridays: “Proof in the Pudding”

Phenomenal happenings

Has anyone ever looked up when and whom had the first proverb? Some would, perhaps, suggest during the reign of King Solomon because of the book of Proverbs in the Bible, yet, I believe it goes even further back. Proverbs, supposedly, are wisdoms given down through our ancestors which would, technically, be Adam and Eve. A pause to say — it’s amazing of how we all came from the same two people. It was through the scattering of the languages that caused them to migrate to other places. These areas, amongst other factors, bringing the pigmentation to the colors of our skin. Fascinating within itself!

Since it’s understood that history is passed down King Solomon had the wisdom to understand that the Isralites belonged to God. In so doing he would request that God would endow him with wisdom to lead the people. Makes perfect sense. Today it is said of “old wives tales” that are, supposed, wisdoms. I’m not too sure about those. I’ve likely heard them before but when I hear some quote them I’m usually lost. LOL. I didn’t grow up in hearing them. My parents used stuff like “In all thy ways acknowledge Him (God), and He shall direct thy paths. ” Sayings such as these were the dominant. I touched on this before but it’s quite relevant and still funny today. My Dad’s wisdom, custom and demand in our household was: respect! “If you don’t you will see the light of day.” Meaning he’d likely take us out LMBO! Too funny. His belief is respect everything. Strong thing to believe, huh? Yet, so true. Life is surrounded in the dealings of others. One might suggest it is love and would be correct! How does love occur? Through respect. Though you treat your neighbor like they are less than gravel he/she turns around to respect (love) your humanity.

There’s always a reason for my “madness” (lol). This morning I was telling my Dad that I have desired to see more manifestation of God. He wound up telling me that God is not really interested in doing things He’s already done — meaning, He’s not gonna open up the Red Sea type stuff. There’s no need. Much has changed since those days of captivity. Just think, the weapons which men have created can blow up an entire country. There’s simply no need! He told me that God is interested in being a Father; take out time to be there in your life. Notice “In all your ways acknowledge Him.” What are the chances that I’d use that particular proverb? You know how when you’re writing you don’t, necessarily, know where you’re going to end up. You just write and it unfolds as you’re going. Now, admit it, that’s crazy cool!

Which brings me to the “Proof is in the Pudding.” The proverb means once you have tasted, experienced, tried, etc., the evidence is there. The longing for God’s face is the everyday I write and it opens; the singing of the birds; the rotation of an object on an axis which, as is understood, is merely floating. We’ve tried to explain the phenomenon of different things that we’ve witnessed but much can’t be explained. We hint at the idea of a god but do not give Jehovah God His due.

The next time you write think of how that idea opens up to you. Then take the time in wonder, and rather you believe or don’t believe UNDERSTAND and realize God that there’s …. “Proof in the Pudding!”