GO When Your Body Says NO – Period!

You feel like lying in the bed curled up in a fetal position because who wants to move? Ladies, we don’t! Sometimes pushing ourselves to workout can mentally drain all that is in us but we have to keep pressing to reach our goal towards inner peace in health! Yes, inner peace found in working out during the cramping, bloating and all the way around blood flow.

Here is an article I found by EliteDaily.com that, I hope, will encourage you to keep going even when you don’t want too. We, together, will find calm — period! 😜🥰

These Workouts For Each Stage Of Your Period Will Help You Tune Into Your Body’s Needs


The difference between how your body feels during your period versus, say, the week after your period, can be massive in terms of energy levels and mood. I mean, if you’ve ever tried to haul your ass to an intense workout class — of course you signed up weeks ago, and it just so happened to coincide with the first day of your period — then you know what I mean. The four stages of your menstrual cycle can affect your body in so many different ways, including how you exercise, which is why planning workouts for each stage of your period, though it may sound like a bit of a tall order, is actually a great strategy for tuning into and understanding your body’s needs and capabilities.

Tailoring your workouts to each stage of your period might sound like a strange concept, especially if you feel like you’re a bit fuzzy on what those stages even are (don’t worry, I’ll help you brush up). Ellen Barrett, author and fitness trainer with the online movement studio Mindful Movement, tells me that, in her experience, before she even became a trainer, the concept of adjusting your workout to where you were in your menstrual cycle just wasn’t really a thing. But when she started to train women herself, she says her clients would often openly talk about where they were in their cycle, because of how it would affect their bodies. Pretty soon, Barrett realized there was a real need to consider how these two things affect each other.

“It actually optimizes athletic performance to listen to your body and track the cycle,” Barrett tells Elite Daily, “and helps to relieve symptoms like cramps and mood swings.”

If you’re curious, why not give it a shot yourself? Here are some of Barrett’s recommendations for adjusting your workout schedule to your period.

Stage one: menstruation (Days 1-7)

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The first stage of the 28-day menstrual cycle, as per Better Health Channel is — drumroll — your period! Simple enough, right?

As far as Barrett is concerned, on the first day of your period, at least, there’s no need to push yourself to work out. “Relax! Stay warm, and don’t beat yourself up about it,” she says, adding that it’s really important to allow your body the time to just be. In her experience, she tells me, the more that women allow themselves to rest when they need to rest, the better their cycles tend to be overall.

By the second day of your flow, you might still be feeling funky, but if you’re really itching to move, Barrett suggests doing something super gentle, like taking a short walk outside or moving through a low-key yoga routine. By the end of the week, she says, you might be ready to do something like a light jog. But again, it’s all about nurturing movement and listening to your own body.

Barrett also points out that, during your period, your body’s already hard at work to regulate your cycle, “and your immune system is vulnerable as a result, so if you really push it, things can get out of whack.” In other words, rest when you need to rest, my friend.

Stages two and three: The Follicular Phase and Ovulation (Days 8-21)

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Technically, according to Better Health Channel, the second stage of your menstrual cycle, called the follicular phase, “starts on the first day of menstruation and ends with ovulation,” so you’re basically experiencing this stage around the week or two after your period. It’s called the follicular phase because, during this time, your body releases something called follicle stimulating hormone, which “stimulates the ovary to produce around five to 20 follicles (tiny nodules or cysts),” wherein each follicle contains an immature egg, as per Better Health Channel. According to the online resource, the growth of these follicles is what causes the lining of your uterus to thicken in preparation for a potential pregnancy — or, you know, for your body to shed the entire lining during your period. Ovulation, the Better Health Channel explains, is when the ovary releases a mature egg, about two weeks or so before your period starts up again.

In general, says Barrett, you tend to have a lot more energy during the follicular phase of your period, as well as during ovulation, so this is typically the best time to really go for it in your workout routine. “During the week after your period, go for a hike, take HIIT classes, push yourself,” she says. “That’s true of your ovulation, too. You have energy to really go for it.”

Your metabolism usually starts to get stronger during this time, too, Barrett adds, which means you’re probably hungrier, so make sure your recovering from your workouts with lots of nutritious foods after that HIIT class.

Stage four: Luteal phase (Days 22-28)

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The luteal phase is when all those lovely PMS symptoms begin to hit — cramps, nausea, mood swings, all that good (not) stuff. In terms of what’s happening in your body at this time, the Better Health Channel explains that this is basically when your uterus is more or less waiting for a fertilized egg to implant itself, and your body produces certain hormones to keep the lining of the uterus intact — until, of course, the body realizes there is no fertilized egg, and then it sheds the uterine lining, and voila, you’ve got a period, and the whole cycle begins again.

During the luteal phase, when PMS is at its peak, even if you feel like total crap, Barrett says breaking a sweat is still important because it can help with uncomfortable symptoms like bloating. She recommends trying some low-impact cardio during this part of your cycle, like cycling or Zumba, for about 45 minutes at a time.

Overall, Barrett says a good way to approach this workout strategy is to think of exercise like a form of medicine for your body. The more you nurture your cycle all month long, she explains, the less intense your symptoms might turn out to be.

KATch-UP Mondays: Bias

Self explanatory?

Reaching crossroads is like a woman choosing a pair of shoes for an outfit — it will happen to all and the choice will, sometimes, become dreary. I’m wearing a black and white outfit but red pumps and accessories will bring it out. Actually, I don’t have this problem. I’m visualizing it right now and understand why some do this, but when I’m wearing certain combinations of colors my tendency is to wear the combination I have on. My accessories are between gold and silver. Yeah! I’m pretty simple in this area. But there are those times when I don’t know what I want to wear for Sunday morning service. A dress or skirt but with what blouse? Do I even have a pair of shoes that will go great with them? Daggit! What about slacks instead? Oh, it can be horrible. Men can concur, save you’re married (lol). My Mom tends to pick out the suit and color that my Dad is going to wear that day. I guess once you’re married a man “forgets” how to dress himself (LOL). Interesting of how the woman takes over because she has in her mind how her man should look.

Speaking of a wife choosing clothes, what about relationships? Boy! Boy! Boy! That can be a tough one right there. Will he be this? Can she be that? All the advice in the world won’t answer every nook and cranny a relationship will endure; each individual is different, and the combination of that pair won’t be the same as someone else’s. The only thing we have is there are the basics that are guaranteed. She will think like a woman and he will think like a man. Now, here in lies the bias

Image result for this relationship vs that relationship
The Big Picture

This bias is more about it seems “unfair” that our roles as male and female are the way they are. I have written about men see me as overbearing, unyielding, not feminine because I try to walk with integrity. I know that I was raised around a lot of men (my Dad, brothers and 2 older male cousins) so I DID had tomboy tendencies. However, I played with dolls a lot! I made up fantasy worlds cause that’s what we did as little girls. Look at what I just did. I tried to justify my behavior because people (men and women) tried stigmatizing me based on what they thought instead of what was and is. Integrity is neither male nor female. Indeed … my Dad took much time talking to me. It was like he had a feeling that I would grow up dealing with men who would try to control me; not respect the person I am regardless of my gender. Yet, look at the stigma I used as example to dress. Why do married women or women who are dating (I guess this happens) try to dress their men? Is there a notion that he doesn’t know how to look good … anymore? I imagine he looked dapper and debonair when he first approached you; otherwise, you wouldn’t have bothered.

Which to Choose?

Crossroads are a pain in the butt especially when we don’t have all the information. We, hopefully, first count the cost before choosing the college of our dreams, but we didn’t know some idiot was going to come in with a gun. Wouldn’t it be fair if God were to just let us know these choices and whatever is going to happen? I’m being biased because I’ve faced quite a bit in my life. I look at some who have done me in thinking, “Now, they do me in but they have this or that? That is not fair.” Technically, I don’t want any hurt or harm to come to any individual, however, I can admit when you see others “prevail” and you’re still chill’n where you were 70 years ago, it gets to you after awhile lol.

I’m just saying.

Men … Heeeeeelp!!

Are you kidding me?

So, when a man shows interest in a woman yet it’s all about himself
Does she suppose to reply to whatever is his compel?
He calls, doing the various “things,” to get her attention
Dismissing her mention, yet, she still tries to diffuse possible tension
The conversation
Man … “Hello! How are you? What you been up to? It’s been awhile since we’ve chatted.”
Woman … “I’m doing well, thanks! How about you? And, yes, but nothing much has really happened.”
Man … “I know the last time we talked you were telling me about some conditions opposed.”
Woman … “I don’t recall exactly what you’re talking about, but, I guess, the issues were finally disposed.”
 …. “How are you? You never answered my question. How has things been going?”
Man … “Why are you trying to put it on me? You are the focus in knowing”
Woman … “Oh!! (puzzled) Well … as I said I’m doing fine. I hope the same for you.”
Man … “Yeah! So, hey, are you single? What’s up with you?”
Woman … ???
Nothing but silence
Men, reveal to us, “What the heck should be, if plausible, our compliance?!!!”

By Katherine Matthews