My Love ??? …

It can cause you to feel like you can fly …

The repetitive stream of tears lied in wait longing to hear his voice
Presentation’s choice; yet, no rejoice
The heartbeat of pain echoed in the wind
“My again?!”
No! Finally, experiencing the constant in different
The beauty of a real friend; A confidant …
Gallant in so many ways mere thoughts of him brightening the brightest day
“I would have never imagined a man like you
“Imperfect and, yet, so true
“Your smile warms me like the gentle touch of a Spring breeze
“The exhale of ease …
“”Thank You, Lord, for the “no guarantees”
“Celebrating in what had been prepared me for future’s then
“My now is the unveiled hope never traveled
“Unraveling mounted situational disappointments
“The good and bad filled with enjoyment
“Simply amazed with your indelible presence
“A peaceful essence in such sweet elegance
“All so grateful you’re one of God’s answers to my vociferous insecurities
“And making many passing moments what they have become to be”
To you my Love,

By Katherine Matthews