KATch-UP Mondays: 3 Steps to Finding Your Purpose

Sunrise. Sunset. The norm of what we understand to be our everyday. In exception to places such as Alaska, who has six months of dark and six months of light, it is established to see the light of day and the moon by night. What’s the point? The sun’s function has a purpose and meets its requirement on a daily basis. It doesn’t question who it is or if it should do what it’s apt to do. Where am I going with this? Well, I’m glad you asked.

As a child we were asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We responded with doctor, lawyer, teacher, fireman, etc. Interesting, I don’t recall anyone during my time of elementary to high school declaring they wanted to be president. Notice, this is, for the most part, pronounced more today than ever before. I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I jotted some things on paper when my teacher asked. My list was: singer, secretary and … the last one escapes me. Singing made sense because I could crack a note here and there (lol). Secretary, now, this was the ideal job for me. I learned how to type in the 7th or 8th grade. I thought it was the best skill ever; like, “who wouldn’t want to type for a living?” (lol).

How does one find their purpose? — Have you ever felt loss or know of someone who finds him or herself wandering aimless of direction? Has frustration ever overwhelmed you because you didn’t know where to look or how to begin? Perhaps, desiring to help someone else find their purpose but, seemingly, a dead end kept rearing its head.

Discovering yours and/or helping someone find their purpose first begins with a small voice. This voice is truth! It doesn’t lie to you. It never will! Situations will come up that will guide us. Pay attention! If you’re not paying attention to those “signs” (or voice) you will miss it because we can become caught up into what we assume or want to do versus what we should be doing. Seek out the information once the truth is revealed. Just because you discover the purpose doesn’t mean you automatically know everything that goes into it. You have to put the time in to hone your skills. Process will always take the time that it takes. It will ALWAYS depend on the individual and their ability to grasp said concepts.

You know, I have to be real honest with you! Those three things have happened throughout my years but I fought tooth and nail not understanding the importance of each step and its meaning. My truth (voice) was buried because my notations were centered on the wrong things. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that a face (explanation, understanding) identified what had been. I’m a helper. As my Dad puts it … a liaison. I’ve always been in between situations; not that I chose them all, but because I carried myself in such a manner. Being a helper is vast! There’s no one that determines what that entails. If you recall a blog I wrote about writing, I share the story of my 6th grade teacher telling my Mom that I will have to work on my comprehension. Never in a million years would, or even could, I imagine writing blogs or anything else!

Recap: Listen to the voice of truth! Pay Attention! Seek the information to hone whatever the skill! … Liken unto the rising of the sun and the going down of the same, you will become what you are supposed to be!

Have any questions? In need of more insight? Please, let me know!

Blog Fridays: An Environment Teacher’s Testimony

A Mirror Reflects

I take great pride in talking about my family. The interesting notation, however, is they’re not normal (lol). Former President Obama and other intelligent black families are considered rare. Realization of a person’s surrounding is vital when considering any informative circumstances. Please, don’t be confused by this statement. It simply means we each live in an environment made up of an upbringing carried throughout generations full of ideas and their responses. Now, in my head, it makes perfect sense, but I also read where Cristian (a go to informative blogger) speaks of the meh approach we experience when writing. The part when we get lost in the trail of thought because the concept isn’t fully thought out. In my head the concept is quite clear. “We live in environments where our ancestors’ influence still effects us today.”

My Dad is fairly astute and a well rounded dude. He’s a pastor. He has other titles but the one that is most prevalent for me is Dad! Some may think, “Duh,” but because he has such titles as pastor it creates a stigma for my brothers and me; I’d gather even for my Mom. There is a certain perception when a person carries a title. When you think judge you, automatically, think smart. This person has taken out much time in legislative study — abreast to history and political science, etc. I’m unsure if any are willing to say their parents are not intelligent (I don’t want to sugarcoat; takes too long – lol). My Dad’s father only went to the 3rd grade. His father, well, I don’t think he got any further than that. My uncle (Dad’s brother) graduated with a G.E.D., however, his comprehension level was mediocre. Dad surrounded himself with gifted (innate abilities like prophets) intellectuals. He has a sense of balance though he has titles within the church.

So, what is the primary point? He (Dad) shared with me a few days ago that his grandfather on his mother’s side was, also, a great preacher. He knew how to expound on the scriptures, yet, he did not have a well balanced life in general. Wisdom wasn’t a principle thing. My uncle, R.I.P., was a fighter. He was always trying to fight someone or pulling out the “because I’m black” card; a passive aggressive kinda guy. Me, on the other hand, I graduated out of high school. I had no choice my parents didn’t play that lol. I was a B to A average student. I remember in 6th grade when, at a parent/teacher conference, my teacher told my Mom I will need to take comprehension classes. She didn’t know I heard her, but it stayed with me. I remember as a little girl asking my Dad “how did they talk like that.” They seemed so intelligent and I felt lost. I wanted to participate but couldn’t because I could not comprehend. He told me to listen! As I pay attention I will learn how to understand. Wow! Thanks Dad!

Image result for personal surroundings
There’s Only One Life

Taking those comprehension classes in college, at first, felt humiliating. I’m in college. What in Nissan’s (funny huh?) name am I doing having to take such classes? Looking back, it is the same as my Dad telling me to listen so that I can learn how to understand. Though my background includes those who didn’t finish school and some completing a lower level of education, drunks and drug addicts, mental disease, etc., I’m fortunate to say my environment’s teaching through my Dad’s choices has brought me here! A college graduate. A book writer. A business woman. An advocate for justice. A Christian who strives, daily, to be well rounded.

The Art of Depiction

I feel happy. Oh so happy.

The brain is an incredible tool containing within it a vast amount of blood (LOL). You know me by now! A lot of things are not as they seem which broadens the mere thought of that tool I’m talking about. In the figurative sense, we were giving a tool which governs our functionality. It is pretty interesting that a person can be sustained on life support for years as long as there is brain activity but no machine can control keeping our brains going.

Image result for individual minds

The mind! The mind! The mind … the transference of information; the profoundness of our senses. The creativity of our God taking the soil of the earth and water making clay; shaping it into an astounding form {what we understand to be human} having the ability to heal itself from a bruised knee that we hit against a desk. Once He breathed into it, it became a living soul! I don’t know if you would agree but that’s miraculously awesome! Long story short, Eve and Adam would eat of the tree, eyes become opened (aware of things they did not know prior to) and the mind is forever changed. Beforehand, when He created the animals, He brought them to Adam to see what he would name them. I’m curious: what caused him to name them what he did without “foreknowledge?” There was no such thing. At least that I can recall. Sorry … these types of things blow my mind. It leaves me to bask in the thought of individuality. What you see (understand) is not what I see. And even when we see the same thing how we arrive is so different!

Mona Lisa

Growing up I heard much about this painting. I did not understand the big deal. Who was Mona Lisa? Why did Leonardo Da Vinci paint it? I know there’s history behind it. But the valued point was … once I became older, I was told this art is used for various reasons. The biggest reason is: WHAT DO YOU SEE?! Da Vinci’s depiction is the art itself, but what would you have painted in thinking of Mona Lisa? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Funny! I used to hear this a lot too, but didn’t fully get it. Light bulb moment … it’s just like the Mona Lisa!!

Blog Fridays: “Proof in the Pudding”

Phenomenal happenings

Has anyone ever looked up when and whom had the first proverb? Some would, perhaps, suggest during the reign of King Solomon because of the book of Proverbs in the Bible, yet, I believe it goes even further back. Proverbs, supposedly, are wisdoms given down through our ancestors which would, technically, be Adam and Eve. A pause to say — it’s amazing of how we all came from the same two people. It was through the scattering of the languages that caused them to migrate to other places. These areas, amongst other factors, bringing the pigmentation to the colors of our skin. Fascinating within itself!

Since it’s understood that history is passed down King Solomon had the wisdom to understand that the Isralites belonged to God. In so doing he would request that God would endow him with wisdom to lead the people. Makes perfect sense. Today it is said of “old wives tales” that are, supposed, wisdoms. I’m not too sure about those. I’ve likely heard them before but when I hear some quote them I’m usually lost. LOL. I didn’t grow up in hearing them. My parents used stuff like “In all thy ways acknowledge Him (God), and He shall direct thy paths. ” Sayings such as these were the dominant. I touched on this before but it’s quite relevant and still funny today. My Dad’s wisdom, custom and demand in our household was: respect! “If you don’t you will see the light of day.” Meaning he’d likely take us out LMBO! Too funny. His belief is respect everything. Strong thing to believe, huh? Yet, so true. Life is surrounded in the dealings of others. One might suggest it is love and would be correct! How does love occur? Through respect. Though you treat your neighbor like they are less than gravel he/she turns around to respect (love) your humanity.

There’s always a reason for my “madness” (lol). This morning I was telling my Dad that I have desired to see more manifestation of God. He wound up telling me that God is not really interested in doing things He’s already done — meaning, He’s not gonna open up the Red Sea type stuff. There’s no need. Much has changed since those days of captivity. Just think, the weapons which men have created can blow up an entire country. There’s simply no need! He told me that God is interested in being a Father; take out time to be there in your life. Notice “In all your ways acknowledge Him.” What are the chances that I’d use that particular proverb? You know how when you’re writing you don’t, necessarily, know where you’re going to end up. You just write and it unfolds as you’re going. Now, admit it, that’s crazy cool!

Which brings me to the “Proof is in the Pudding.” The proverb means once you have tasted, experienced, tried, etc., the evidence is there. The longing for God’s face is the everyday I write and it opens; the singing of the birds; the rotation of an object on an axis which, as is understood, is merely floating. We’ve tried to explain the phenomenon of different things that we’ve witnessed but much can’t be explained. We hint at the idea of a god but do not give Jehovah God His due.

The next time you write think of how that idea opens up to you. Then take the time in wonder, and rather you believe or don’t believe UNDERSTAND and realize God that there’s …. “Proof in the Pudding!”

KATch-UP Mondays: Insight

Together, we can if we just patient ourselves!

*Capacity is the maximum amount that something can contain or produce.

KATch-UP for today is the insight into putting an end to blame! Fix the problem, not the blame. In many cases it would be virtually impossible to fix the blame. The blame is usually an individual who has made a/some choice(s) that has effected other people’s lives. The “blame” likely is strong-willed, stubborn, self-centered and other, seemingly, destructive qualities; however, those same traits, when put into other situations, are quite beneficial. They help unravel surfaced situations that are, in truth, deeply rooted. It just goes to show, again, how much we need each other.

So, what’s the plain viewed insight … when a person’s capacity is limited to ABC and has not the ability to form words, how can anyone become upset if that is all the person knows?! Our President is a great example. It is apparent his capacity, or understanding, is not broad. Unfortunately, this position has revealed that he is limited in so many ways in running his life let alone our country. Yet, in his favor, the ginormous blunders he’s made has also unraveled some things that needed unraveling.

When we see/know of someone who is considered “slow, ignorant, nuisance” (whatever term of description suits you) there is this assumption that their capacity is not of the “norm”. But that isn’t true. We all have a learning curve. I have an Aunt who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar. Wow huh?! It’s pretty tough for her. She actually went to college out of all her siblings and was a straight A student. When she is on her meds she can coherently tell the right from the left. It is when she chooses not to take them that it appears that the right is in wrestle with the left. It’s like her subconscious and conscious are mixing up the information and she fights tooth and nail. She has recently suffered an episode but as I listened to her talk she wound up saying she didn’t want to take her meds anymore; she’s been taking them for over 34 years. That’s a long time. That gave a clear understanding that she didn’t want to be this way but the mental war she’s in won’t release her. Do I then dismiss her because of the problem? No, absolutely not. I love my Auntie rather she believes me or not. I wish I knew what she needed to fix the problem. She didn’t ask to be this way. Life and circumstances lead her here.

I am in no way saying that it is easy to handle those of a “lesser” capacity. I am merely saying once you realize the other’s capacity is “less” than yours to consider a different approach. After all, are we not that individual, too, unaware of something?