The Truth is Out? Virus Pandemic — Not as It Seems

Good evening all. Well, I was told to get this out as soon as possible so here goes.

A friend of mine sent this video to me. I’m unsure if any of you has seen it. It’s a 48+ video of the fear the government/doctors and social media has put out! It will leave you speechless. Maybe pissed and frustrated all at the same time.

I don’t know … you tell me what you think ….

Blog Fridays: Venting #5. A Work in Process

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As I scroll through looking for depiction to paint “venting’s” message I discover its hollow presence. What context did this person to the left have when stating a person is immature if they vent every feeling? That’s empty wouldn’t you agree? It’s like saying don’t drive your car if you only have a 1/4 left of gas. Wouldn’t the thing be to go to the gas station and fill it back up? Just ridiculous.

Maybe her take was the “every feeling” part. Can it become unwise to a certain degree? Oh, yes, absolutely. However, as I stated in day 4, you have to pick someone you trust. It is an outcry. Since God is my, first, go to person I let Him know, “Hey, I’m not feeling this at all!” When I am expressing these feelings I am respectful realizing who I’m talking to. I consider what and how I’m expressing. I realize He deserves my respect because He’s the sovereign Lord. And then, as the scriptures states “Come boldly to the throne of grace to obtain mercy, and find grace to help in the time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16). I dare not lie acting like whatever is going on doesn’t exist and it’s merely something small. I don’t think so! God is my Father and I am His child. He allows me to come to Him about everything (Proverbs 3:6 … In ALL your ways acknowledge Him …”) this is regardless of the answer He gives. No. I don’t always like His answer but He helps me understand why it must be that answer!

My personality is kindhearted rough around the edges, work in progress to become and be more a gentle humble spirit who seeks health to the body and soul of others and for myself. That’s where venting comes in. I know I need help. My problem in the past was that I held everything in too long and the result could have been fatal. Yes! Fatal! I remember posting last week that we all have the capacity to kill. There is something that can trigger this emotion. I work at that not being a reality. It is advised that we all do the same!

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In a nutshell … we all are a work in progress! This depiction which states, “Healing comes from taking responsibility; to realize that it is you — and no one else — that creates your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.” It is, principally, that we be aware of it all. Well, all that we can take in. Paying attention is key when handling situations. Did you notice that as we grow the lessons become harder? Supposed to! They are tools for growth; stretching us toward maturity.

Enjoy the wealth of your vents as you move toward the serenity of contentment!

KATch-UP Mondays: Jumbo-LIE-huh?

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Which idea again?

I absolutely love these titles that pop in my head. I read in a few of my comments that writing for them becomes easy. The person can just sit and write and write and write. And then there are those of us that be like … “Whaaat?” LOL. Those days, as talked about before, can be the worst. However, this time, I’m actually talking about bringing my writing idea together. I have much going on and I’m trying to put one sentence down. You know how you used to do in college to fill that 2,000 word essay on Social Economics and you found yourself typing words like “and, it, the, of, from, because, etc.,” over and over and over (LMBO)! It’s too hilarious!

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What’s going on?

The theme today is katchy! Hehehe! It’s full of wonder because we all face moments when we have the idea but it’s not fully clear how to start or get it to the height before you, can fathom, conclusion. Yes! That is what I’m talking about. But I guess the writers out there that know all the tricks and trades of writing have the slightest idea what I’m talking about. I’ve admitted that I’m an amateur in such things. Interesting, if you had a one on one conversation I have no problem whatsoever keeping up. Things, in sequence, fall in-line and I can go back and forth for hours on end; unless the topic is about the President (lol). ………..OK … sidebar … did yawl catch the golden win for America?!!! Wooohoo to the ladies who brought home the world cup. Congrats to you all. You earned it. Seems like a 2-0 win is nothing, but I know you put everything into it to win. What appears easy for viewers is blood, sweat and tears for players; well, and coaches (lol). Anywho~ … yeah, don’t wanna spend my long hard earned money (time) on that dude.

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Curiosity’s Truth

So, drop me some lines to tell me how you untangle those ideas and just write for days on end. OR … are you willing to concede that it happens? Hmmmmm … the “Jumble-LIE-huh?”

Feeling or Expression of Reverence …

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My devotional this morning talked about us being created to worship. I didn’t realize we were created to give homage to something. I mean, I knew my relationship with God was such because of a choice made some years back but never knew I was going to choose to reverence “something” because I was created that way. It kinda puts into perspective of how some could begin to reverence fortune, fame, family, etc. We’re MADE to do so. Another play on words which can be seen another way. “Well, there’s nothing wrong with “idol” worship because I was MADE to do so in the first place. You can’t fault me for something that was before I was. Yet, who and/or what we worship becomes the point. “To the ONLY wise God (Jehovah) our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power both now and FOREVER. Amen,” is the central idea. We may get caught up on the worldly stuff but once we pass, there’s only ONE that shall stand …. God the Father! God the Son! God the Holy Spirit! Amen

“He got my GOAT”

Feel the agony

Can you see the agony in the goat’s face? Poor baby. He looks to be in so much distress that yelling, “Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!” was his only cry out. I’m not surprised that sometimes I “fall for the okie doke.” Meaning, something got to me that I thought I overcame. What actually surprises me is that when I come back to myself (mental stability of truth) I then wonder, “What the heck? Did you just fall for that?” And I have to admit, “Yes! I did.”

It pains me when I fall for stupidity. Now, forgive me to those who don’t like the word stupid. It’s not my intent to be insulting or belittling to anyone. There are just some circumstances staring down the barrel of “now, that’s just stupid.” As you can see, I’m having to use a lot of quotation marks today to tell this joyous wonder of crazyland. Allow the name lol.

So, this guy was insulting me just a couple of days ago and it got to me. The crazy part is: he called me the weekend prior and I thanked him with whatever he said. Our conversation (the gist) that Saturday morning went something like this: The Dude: “So, you’ve grown since the last time I spoke to you.” The reply: “How can you tell? You haven’t been around me.” The Dude: “I can just tell. You’ve matured.” The reply: “Well, thank you, The Dude.” The big deal, you may ask, some years back he told me the only way people get to know other people is by being around them. You can’t get to know them by phone. Yet, 3 years later {I’m not around this man … ever!!!} he can hear in my voice that I’ve matured? Mind you, I don’t talk to this individual much. It’s usually here and there and I usually tell him it’s best to just say hi then goodbye! lol

I was about to put what happened this past Friday but will leave it be. What does it sound like to you? Maybe you gathered this dude has an interest. You’d be correct. Only problem, I told him NO 3 to 4 years ago.

Hmmm, I know my next blog …. Women are nothing get used to it! LMBO

“Charmed I’m Sure”

Mockingbirds sing; be on display
Melodies of love, but in this instance, caused dismay
Who wants to be "mocked," basically teased ...
Jeered in contempt yielding unease?
Certainly not you; most definitely not me
But that's the idea of it all in this type of story
Looking into the eyes of a "friend" who supposedly has your back
Knowing full well their condescension is its act
An exacted undertone whispering in hidden agendas
Masking the truth is the great pretender
Its splendor is, "You're too naive to see what I'm actually doing ...
"You're kept around for personal pursuing...
"Ensuing results to get what I want ...
"Daunt your gain by my crafted loss"
Aaah! The joys of sarcasm, sometimes, taken for granted
It is as the mockingbird mimicking enchantments
Perhaps its expression is a pleasant demure
The true friend's response in "Charmed I'm Sure"

Written by Katherine Matthews

Truth is Freeing

“Let freedom ring!” A great phrase still bellowing throughout the ages. Profoundly, it has made drastic differences, however, our ignorance continues to bliss in, unfortunate, positions. The beauty of the context that I’m speaking of is not about race; though, that subject needs to be addressed time and time and time and time …. did I mention, “Time and time and time …?” (lol). I’m talking about the strength of who we are as a people. When we can see each other’s truths, maybe we will ….. yeah, I’m not sure. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Let freedom ring,” and here we are with Donald Trump as our President. OMG!! Let’s get on our knees right now and pray! …. Hey, even you who are atheist! LOL

How it goes

No More

Highly improbable or extraordinary events which bring very welcoming consequences
Evidence of appearance in the “how did that happen;” cost … a man’s life fashioned
Conditions of aches, pains, sickness and disease overtaking one’s anatomy
Faith, mustard seed size, can remove such catastrophes
Emphatically the power that lives, moves and have my being knows the truth you bear
All else has failed, but one last thing, so try it and cast your care
I know it seems strange to fathom receiving something that astounding from a write
Removing ritualistic views that “everything must happen the same” the point in plain sight
Permission, by and with His decree alone, will effect
Writing, such as I have, a liaison’s direct
And now …
“Silently, yet fervently, praying for you, the reader, to be restored
“Father God, I thank You for that one who believed. Let that infirmity be no more!”

By Katherine Matthews