Blog Fridays: I Didn’t Forget

Image result for enjoy your weekend
Consistency is prevalent at best
A looking forward to the weekend's future rest
Putting off, releasing, the weeks toil
Foiling any obstacles that may hinder one's joy
As the blog "Are You a Blogger Truly ..." hits the fan
In hopes that it speaks to the core in man
Not gender but human kind all around world
Denoting personally why blogging is pearled
Enjoy what's ahead
Continue bracing for any storms
Find thankfulness in dread
For God has you in His arms
It is an honor and privilege to be a part of the blog family
Sincerely, I pray for you all many thought-filled blessings

Are You a Blogger, Truly? What Matters?

Fellow Bloggers are you truly a blogger? What is blogging in the first place? I’ve gathered, since day one, that it is a way to talk about whatever, put it in writing and present it on a site like Word Press. The only confusing frustration I bear … am I actually a blogger?

So, like you, I’ve read other blogs. I’ve applied ideas. I’ve tried to create catchy titles, content and use depictions with “lots” of color. Yeah, not sure if that has helped but have tried it because … hey … these blog tips were from those who have thousands upon thousands subscribed to their blog. Maybe my ONE (reader) is considered a failure. I’ve thanked you ONE because I’m happy to have one. But am I?

I started thinking, “Katherine, you’re not a blogger because your frequency is not enough. You only blog 5 days out of the week. You suck big time!” “Maybe you didn’t fully comprehend the tips that were given to awaken what you have to say.” “You see others piling their blog page day in and out. How come you’re not doing the same?”

Ha! “What I have to say.” An interesting take isn’t it? Supposedly, as stated earlier, blogging is a method to talk about something through writing but, perhaps, I really don’t have anything to talk about. Just maybe I don’t have the ability to write. Maybe I decided to blog because I enjoyed freelance writing. I didn’t do that everyday either. So, it begs to question … “Why am I here?”

Hmmm, a truth … I’m thankful for my ONE, yet … is it possible to reach more?

I think I mentioned this before but my niece encouraged me to blog and told me about Word Press. She said it would help break me out of my shell. Again, I enjoy freelance writing from time time, but I am pretty much to myself when it comes to life in general. I know how to socialize; I work, etc., however, I tend to isolate. An introvert I guess. I am here to expand … ME!

I will repost: “Hey, I’m WRITE Hear;” it speaks to my being an introvert, disappointments, and how I’ve felt most of my life.

What matters to you? Why are you a blogger? Is it only to write, share ideas that you’re having? What is your take on blog life?

Thanks! I appreciate that you read this blog and would really like to learn why you blog.

Blogger’s Digest: Reading

This book by John Green was quite an enjoyment. As I walked through Barnes and Nobles looking for a gift I came across this book. Guess what and why it caught my attention. I recall one of our faithful helpful bloggers stating that titles must capture attention. Enticement draws or repels. Sidebar: rather unusual that it repels. We understand that temptation can get any of us in a heap of trouble. I tell people a lot, “Just because I can do a thing doesn’t mean I should.” But I digress …

This novel of Katherines was quite the intrigue. Consuming each chapter seemed easier than counting. I laughed. I gasped. I learned. I savored every twist offered. Years ago, I wasn’t an avid reader. Reading? Huh! Yeah right! Not me. It was only a few years back that reading became fulfilling. This book is actually the first book I’ve ever read for leisure. I’m pretty stoked about that! What book(s) have inspired you to become a blogger? It’s the reason behind the title. We as bloggers write so that others will “digest” our words.

I can’t think of the blogger’s name who takes the time to lend a hand (he has over a 1k followers I believe), but I thank him for his help. I’ll never become “professional” at blog life. However, I will keep trying to perfect what I offer. And, as I said in another blog, if I can get one reader … I’m not doing to bad!

By the way …. if you hadn’t figured out why the title of this book captured me … it has my name. What are the chances to find a book that has your name and spells it exactly how you spell yours? lol

Enough Has Always Been

Is there ever enough love to go around?
Seems a simple yes
But, what about those who believe (to know) they’re not within the compound
Begs the reason for the quest
Yesterday’s wonder “How did we come to desire love?”
Our parents? Guardians? A blessed angel?
What are the fruits thereof?
To some a mere fable

God is love and love has been God
He’s the reason we fathom the feelings of “awed”
I noticed something quite intriguing while watching others coo over babies
A misnomer was broken that the feelings were only in ladies
Men, also, displayed joy in what could possibly be
Their planted seed of life in reality
Why is the desire of procreation in existence?
An unending persistence penetrating our subsistence
It’s absolutely brilliant!
Before there was foundation an ONLY begotten Son was slain
Specific order of evolution’s process none could detain
Just think, when you looked across a crowded room someone captured your eye
With beaded sweat and flooded nervousness the thought … “I’ve got to try”
The surge of opportunity boosted your confidence … “What’s the worst that could happen?”
Bonafide rejection! Yeah, but maybe his or her heart captured
Such is the story of hearts broken countless times; the anticipation of perhaps
The only way to be found by love is to keep wisely giving it a chance
Aaah! The thoughts of God brings me joy; Christ sacrificing Himself
Who can by searching find this expression? I guarantee … no one else!
Joy, peace, longsuffering and gentleness are just a few of His traits
Try His love out for size! A forever trusted mate
Perchance Valentine’s Day needs to become as any … a thankfulness of within
Remember there is a Savior name Jesus advocating to us … “Enough Has Always Been"

By Katherine Matthews