Blog Fridays: Venting #5. A Work in Process

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As I scroll through looking for depiction to paint “venting’s” message I discover its hollow presence. What context did this person to the left have when stating a person is immature if they vent every feeling? That’s empty wouldn’t you agree? It’s like saying don’t drive your car if you only have a 1/4 left of gas. Wouldn’t the thing be to go to the gas station and fill it back up? Just ridiculous.

Maybe her take was the “every feeling” part. Can it become unwise to a certain degree? Oh, yes, absolutely. However, as I stated in day 4, you have to pick someone you trust. It is an outcry. Since God is my, first, go to person I let Him know, “Hey, I’m not feeling this at all!” When I am expressing these feelings I am respectful realizing who I’m talking to. I consider what and how I’m expressing. I realize He deserves my respect because He’s the sovereign Lord. And then, as the scriptures states “Come boldly to the throne of grace to obtain mercy, and find grace to help in the time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16). I dare not lie acting like whatever is going on doesn’t exist and it’s merely something small. I don’t think so! God is my Father and I am His child. He allows me to come to Him about everything (Proverbs 3:6 … In ALL your ways acknowledge Him …”) this is regardless of the answer He gives. No. I don’t always like His answer but He helps me understand why it must be that answer!

My personality is kindhearted rough around the edges, work in progress to become and be more a gentle humble spirit who seeks health to the body and soul of others and for myself. That’s where venting comes in. I know I need help. My problem in the past was that I held everything in too long and the result could have been fatal. Yes! Fatal! I remember posting last week that we all have the capacity to kill. There is something that can trigger this emotion. I work at that not being a reality. It is advised that we all do the same!

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In a nutshell … we all are a work in progress! This depiction which states, “Healing comes from taking responsibility; to realize that it is you — and no one else — that creates your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.” It is, principally, that we be aware of it all. Well, all that we can take in. Paying attention is key when handling situations. Did you notice that as we grow the lessons become harder? Supposed to! They are tools for growth; stretching us toward maturity.

Enjoy the wealth of your vents as you move toward the serenity of contentment!

KATch-UP Mondays: A Doctor’s “Care”

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High recommendations is the greatest value we desire when searching for professionals. We will then read reviews to confirm what we’ve heard, weigh what has been said, then make the final decision rather to choose them or not. We also have a subconscious definition about each profession. A strong belief that if they are considered “qualified” they will live up to that expectation. If failed, you can be sure we will let it be known what kind of service was rendered and if you would personally recommend them yourself. The thought about a doctor is as such! When the word doctor comes to mind it’s automatic that you think: care. It is what they supposed to do, right? Or is it?!

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Presumably, trained doctors (mental and physical) went into extensive study because they were mesmerized by the field of study, and wanted to care for people. However, this is where the assumption stemmed. The study of the human heart didn’t mean care for a patient suffering a heart attack but merely the functionality of the heart and the prevention of it happening again. This may seem, somewhat, shocking to you but I kind of agree. If I had a heart attack and went to that specialist I went because they know how to fix the problem. Because they are so endowed by the ins and outs of the heart they will do what they can to help the organ. I know, it sounds very strange, “You care about my heart but can careless about me?” Yeah, something about that is … weird. But then there’s that care most of us refer to when it entails actual care for the patient. I am a person with a heart.

I’m not sure I can speak for majority, but I am sure I can speak for a few of us who have encountered a doctor not worth a grain of salt. He or she may know the ins and outs but can careless about the patient. Unfortunately, I have may testimonies. That, already, is ridiculous. I had been suffering lower back pain for about 3 years. It progressively became worse because, as most of us tend to do, I tried to “doctor” on myself. When I, finally, told my doctor all he did was prescribe me a pill. I had already had the 800 mg of Ibuprofen and they weren’t working. He knew this, yet, prescribed me Naproxen (500 mg) anyway. I took it thinking maybe it was a stronger pill but a lower dosage because of its strength. I took it for about a few weeks but they weren’t working so, immediately, made another appointment. He then recommended I go to a therapist. My first appointment showed that my spine was misaligned. Pills was not the solution! Therapy was! Thankfully, I got the help I needed.

So, what’s the beef? Did you catch it? I told my doctor that the 800s were not working but he prescribed another pill me anyway. Why didn’t he listen to me? I took those 500s because, as stated earlier, I figured they were stronger. Medicine is not my field of expertise and I went to my doctor because his study and supposed care. Here’s the question: when do we supposed to actually know when a doctor (or whatever the profession) is trustworthy to CARE for us?

By the way … the doctor I have was recommended and will be changed really soon!!

Is It Possible?


Good morning! This will be a short and, hopefully, sweet to the point blog today. I have a simple, yet, complex question. Is it possible to not be in fear with our President’s choices? This new occurrence of it “being okay to allow other countries involvement” scares the living daylights out of me. He has already said and done things that are troubling, but this one … I just don’t know!

Please, help! I try to be a person who face things rather I know what’s ahead or not, but this particular thing has me (since 3 this morning) saying, “I’m really scared!” Worry doesn’t resolve anything! It’s fruitful in that it reaps stress lol. But how do we deal with the President who grips the very air we breathe? We can be killed in an instant by the push of a button. Supposed freedom?! Explain, beyond a vote, how to handle this.

How did those who dealt with Hitler and other dictators survive it?