Wisdom Costs?

This just in! The price of integrity costs over a billion dollars. Can you actually believe that? How could integrity be that costly? That’s more than the richest house, I’ve heard that the stars have paid well over 16 million; a mere tax right off, and car {over 2 million}) together. Yelp! That’s pretty pricey.

Guess how much I hear integrity is going for … HUMANITY!!

Dang’it! That means it’s priceless if it costs me, me. I gather we’re worth more than mere printed paper with some dead presidents (in all due respect); a commodity or two; a topnotch position, etc., or some sort of trade that would have one of us beyond the President of the United States. {Does anyone know if Trump is trying to get there? LOL. If so, tell him THERE’S NO SUCH THING … PLZZZ (lol)} This is not a game of Monopoly! When I pass “Go!” in life I may collect $200 if I worked my tail off to achieve the goal I’ve aimed for and, yet, even then, that’s fleeting over time if I don’t work smarter instead of harder. I’m going to face some upheavals. And usually, those upheavals are … PEOPLE!!!

This morning, my Dad had me laughing! He said … “Say for instance a guy who has a wife who bickers constantly and his normal response is to lash out, once wisdom comes into play he has to choose either to lash out or to give a soft answer to turn away the wrath! That’s pretty costly especially if she’s been disrespectful to the point of trying his manhood.” Wow, that isn’t easy!

Kinda makes you think! Are we willing to pay the price to live a life in wisdom knowing it’s going to cost you EVERYTHING?!