A Truth: Emotions

Some great advice: “Emotions are like children. It’s okay to let them ride in the car with you, but don’t let them in the driver’s seat.” Author: Anonymous

Sometimes we allow our emotions to get the best of us. We even make room for them to justify our means, however, we “naively” believe it is our emotions that drive us. Emotion is the response of thoughts! Yes, thoughts! Merely the reaction of something good or bad. Unfortunately, we relinquish this self-control constantly to excuse ourselves from responsibility; accountability.

Did you notice the use of the phrase “I feel …” is used most of the time when we are explaining something? Years ago I recall telling a friend of mine to try stating something without using the phrase “I feel.” She looked at me in amazement. She also giggled. When I explained how the situation she was dealing with at the time was perceived she understood the importance. The opposition viewed her as being “overly emotional.” A whining woman who knew nothing. It was not the case!

Wisdom will ALWAYS be the principle thing! When we learn how to communicate efficiently with one another, understanding what our emotions bear, we will discover a whole new world to connectivity.

“Aaah” …

This morning’s rise with enlightened presumption
Routine’s function is history’s cycle
Survival of everyday: wash your face, comb your hair
Beat traffic’s madness; bills to bear
Momentary care displayed through busyness in action
Satisfaction’s accomplishments are acknowledgment’s compliment
Subsequently, missing subtleties that can empower “routine’s basics”
Instead trusting what we “know” safeguarding our oasis
Of course, it makes sense! It’s programmed as the definition of responsibility
Carefully noted, it affords stability
Simply, our paths are not just the routines we do everyday
They are gateways to “something bigger” far exceeding our mainstay
But, digression acts …
When windows of enlightenment stumble into our ignorance
Let’s kindly stop and yield to the “Aaah” experience

By Katherine Matthews