A Qualified Homeless Writer

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Walgreens Pharmacy

Yesterday, January 21, 2020 @ 6:12 PM. Just left the pharmacy to get a refill on my prescription. This line was long. I left my house a little after 5:20. Yes, that’s how long I was waiting. Something happened on this night’s occasion though … I cried my eyes out. I was listening to some music by David Jackson. A song called “Brand New Family (Connected Through God)” was playing and I was bumpin’ to it but a young man had my attention the whole while I was waiting. I think he’s homeless. He was walking up and down trying to get the attention to those of us in line. I’m unsure what he wanted. A part of me wanted to roll down the window; the other part – leery.

The song! The young man! Tears pouring down like I knew the guy on the street, but I didn’t. Thing was — the lyrics to the song are “I am family. You’re family. We’re family connected through God. I will love and I will pray for you. And together we’ll make it through. We are a brand new family in Him. We’re connected through God. We’re connected through God!” ….

Many upon many blame God for this or that when tragedy strikes, but that wasn’t my first thought. My first thought was “I can’t help the young man! … God, why can’t I help him?! He’s considered family just in the fact that ALL souls are Yours (God).” In the literal sense, this young man looks so much like my nephew. OMG!! The mirror reflected and I saw a real person who, I believe, suffers from some mental dis’ease. Yes! A dis-ease!! It is not easy for them to be this way. Medication is said to help, but as my Auntie stated last year after being classified “unruly” in a home that “I’m tired of taking pills. I’ve been taking pills for over 40 years and I’m just tired!

My plea to God in helping this young man, and now others in his shoes (homeless, mental, etc.) is based on a new understanding … I’m not qualified to help. Money is not enough! Food, clothing, etc., IS NOT ENOUGH! I’m still irritated that my Auntie is not allowed to be institutionalized for her case. A recapped post was my Auntie suffers with Bipolar and Schizophrenia. One of the workers at the facility where she’s located said to my Mom that the only way she can be institutionalized is if she brings harm to someone! What the hell?!!!!!! Then and only then is she declared mentally unstable?!!!

“My God, my God, teach us how to be aware of others and where they are. We see the homeless and, sometimes, we regard them, but Father in heaven we are so limited! Reveal to us those who are qualified. Give them the heart to want to help. There is a dire need around the world and we’re to blind to see it!! Please God, we really need to see!”

Here’s a writing I was going to post some time ago but timing has proven otherwise. The truth of something extremely important …

How should our story end?

Are You Sure YOU'RE KAUght-UP?

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. - Eleanor Roosevelt
This to be an interesting turn of events ...
If a great mind discusses ideas while the average discuss events
Why are the ideas of events about the people assent?
Context is everything
The reason to the point's meaning

A Thought by Katherine Matthews

Blog Fridays: The "Footprints" That Matter …

Who wouldn’t want someone that can walk a mile in our shoes? Meaning, they understand those most tender sacred moments we encounter! We’d all like someone who understands every intricate detail about us. We have it! We just have to realize it!! Jesus has been there to help us whether every storm — even when it was a “good” moment. I know the thought may be that “Why would I need Jesus in a “good” moment? ….

Since He is the Way, the Truth and the Life it is best that He is with us in every experience we will face. I want to give Him thanks, not just when it’s bad, but also when it’s really good. If it wasn’t for the bad how could I understand any good. Even He said “Why do you call me good? There’s none good but one (Luke 18:19).

This encouragement is to remind you to set your heart/mind/soul on Christ! He is there! Remember the FOOTPRINTS that MATTER …

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Bloggers — Reset Your Mind: Overhauling Toxic Thoughts

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This is a devotion I’m reading this week. Generally, I choose topics that can help my everyday; one in a few that are, merely, leisure. Being one who “try” to think things through I figured this may be a helpful tip. How? Great question. The notion in being a blogger is that we don’t deal with toxic thinking, but I assume differently. We’re not just bloggers. We’re living life everyday being faced with … life.

The truth is writing (as well as other avenues) are ways to detox; an outlet to share our thoughts. What if we were facing decades of toxic thinking? Would we be one to admit it … especially since we are bloggers? Hmm, I wonder!

Day one has hit me the most …

Mind Renovation

We’ve probably all heard how much our thoughts impact our lives. While theologians, leaders, authors, self-help gurus, and CEOs may have different viewpoints about life and politics, most agree that our thoughts are incredibly important and dictate the trajectory of our lives. Take a look at some popular quotes:

  • “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” — Henry Ford
  • “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” — Teddy Roosevelt
  • “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” — Marcus Aurelius
  • “Our thoughts make us what we are.” — Dale Carnegie

The Apostle Paul challenges us at the beginning of Romans 12 to “not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” The Greek word for the word renewing is anakainosis and it literally means renovation. So, according to this verse, our transformation occurs when our mind undergoes a renovation.

We know that a renovation happens when someone wants to change the appearance of their home or business. Maybe it’s because something is broken or damaged or perhaps it just needs to be updated. A mind renovation is similar.

What kind of renovation does your mind need?

Maybe you’re still focused on the broken damaged thoughts you’ve been thinking for years. It could be that you’ve been playing an outdated recording in your mind that someone said to you during your childhood. Do you find yourself constantly complaining? Is it easier for you to fixate on the things that could go wrong in your life? Are you jealous and envious of others and how their lives seem better than yours? Do you feel overwhelmed and defeated by how you view yourself?

Whether we usually have a positive outlook on life or we struggle every day with what our minds obsess over, we could all use some guidance when it comes to our thoughts. Often, we refer to unwanted thoughts as negative or bad, but what they really are is toxic.

While many of our thoughts may not have much value, plenty do. Some are incredible thoughts that impact others for the better, while many of our thoughts are bent toward the negative. So, it’s true that we can’t change every thought that needs changing, we can think about our thoughts and attempt to change the ones that are toxic.


  • Think about your most common thoughts. How do they make your feel?
  • In what area of your thought life do you need a renovation?

I hope this was helpful in some type of way! I look forward to sharing some other tips of reflection in the near present future!!

The New Year NEEDS a Reminder, Again & Again & ….

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Good morning to you all! This repost I am using is so vitally important to me. I, like many of you (supposedly) want to be of some type of encouragement; an aide in some sort of way to other human beings. It supposed to be our way of living. Gosh! It is so sad the destructive people we encounter! It’s like their behavior must always be on guard.

Yesterday’s post really got to me. When I seen it on the news my heart just broke! What possess anyone to shoot in a church? Biased sounds like. But it isn’t. What possess anyone to shoot up any church, school, shopping store? What is the world coming to? I fear what can only be what is spoken in Revelation’s of the destruction that awaits! It should scare all of us and those to come.

So, this repost is about a miracle! We need to be reminded that there is good in the world. Someone is being changed. Someone is being healed and delivered from something horrific; even the faintest thing that may get you down. Here is a reminder! Believe it because no one can do it like Jesus!! …

By Katherine Matthews

"It's Okay 2 Be …"

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Comfortable in my own skin
Self-confidence underway
Discovering the piece within
Silencing dismay
The piece of insecurity that has kept me bound
Eliminating my voice in the smallest of sound
Hear the gentle whispering wind "It's Okay To Be ..."
I'm finally getting it .... "It's okay to be me!"
Too many times feeling, thinking my norm wasn't normal
Looking upon others as though they were the formal
Formula to what it was, is to live life freely
Fooled in believing my life empty
Bare some significance; it matters to God
"But God, no one shares Your thought of my odd!"
Naked before the world, yet clothed in humility
Becoming comfortable in my own skin that "It's Okay To Be ... Me!"

Written by Katherine Matthews
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"Find A Way"

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Thinking back on yesterday
I ponder what is next to tomorrow's scene
Will I repeat some over agains?
Learn valuable lessons that will help aide the future?
Share a reflection that might change a life?
Either way ...
I will find a reason to be thankful
To embark upon a trust I've never experienced before
"In all things, Lord, I will find a reason to simply say I love You!"

Written by Katherine Matthews