KATch-UP Mondays: Are We Crazy?

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I had an interesting weekend. I had to take my car to the shop because my brake light has been coming on. The emergency brake to be exact. It’s common that it would come on when first turning on the car but, once running, it doesn’t come on unless while parked I push it for use. Unfortunately, lately it has been coming on rather I stop at a stop sign or light. It’s on and off sustaining for about 10 secs or more while driving. This is strange so, I had to do what we do … I googled (lol).

We are creatures of habit. There’s good and bad points being this way. It is how we learn: like our ABCs. We also use it to research. I think I’ve mentioned this before when the doctor said to stop googling conditions, but, to me, this is both good and bad! We go to purchase over-the-counter medicines all the time when we think we have a cold or flu; a wrap or sports cream for a sprain ankle. It’s what we do. So, when I googled about the brake light it said it could be either: the pressure of a tire, the fluid is low and needs replacing/filling, or brakes can be worn.

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I took it in and told them the problem. After about 30 to 45 minutes (also got an oil change) my name was called and told me the brakes were fine. But this couldn’t be possible. I saw my light come on. I even had my Dad look at it and he witnessed it himself. How can this be? Am I crazy? Did the light come on or am I making this up?

I’ve had these types of things happen before. I say something and another is trying to convince me otherwise, but I know I didn’t make it up. So, why does it seem like I do? The troubling thing about this morning’s blog is, first, I know I’m not crazy. The brake light came on and, as stated earlier, my Dad saw it. The mechanic said to bring the car back in if the light comes on again and they will do a full inspection. The other thing is mental illness runs in my family. To my knowledge I’m fine, but it has left me to wonder.

Are there tests out there that can be taken to prove rather or not it exists? I assume there are considering psychiatrists diagnose mental patients, but this notion is based off certain signs. I guess I’m not showing those signs!

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But … aren’t we?!

Blog Fridays: “Proof in the Pudding”

Phenomenal happenings

Has anyone ever looked up when and whom had the first proverb? Some would, perhaps, suggest during the reign of King Solomon because of the book of Proverbs in the Bible, yet, I believe it goes even further back. Proverbs, supposedly, are wisdoms given down through our ancestors which would, technically, be Adam and Eve. A pause to say — it’s amazing of how we all came from the same two people. It was through the scattering of the languages that caused them to migrate to other places. These areas, amongst other factors, bringing the pigmentation to the colors of our skin. Fascinating within itself!

Since it’s understood that history is passed down King Solomon had the wisdom to understand that the Isralites belonged to God. In so doing he would request that God would endow him with wisdom to lead the people. Makes perfect sense. Today it is said of “old wives tales” that are, supposed, wisdoms. I’m not too sure about those. I’ve likely heard them before but when I hear some quote them I’m usually lost. LOL. I didn’t grow up in hearing them. My parents used stuff like “In all thy ways acknowledge Him (God), and He shall direct thy paths. ” Sayings such as these were the dominant. I touched on this before but it’s quite relevant and still funny today. My Dad’s wisdom, custom and demand in our household was: respect! “If you don’t you will see the light of day.” Meaning he’d likely take us out LMBO! Too funny. His belief is respect everything. Strong thing to believe, huh? Yet, so true. Life is surrounded in the dealings of others. One might suggest it is love and would be correct! How does love occur? Through respect. Though you treat your neighbor like they are less than gravel he/she turns around to respect (love) your humanity.

There’s always a reason for my “madness” (lol). This morning I was telling my Dad that I have desired to see more manifestation of God. He wound up telling me that God is not really interested in doing things He’s already done — meaning, He’s not gonna open up the Red Sea type stuff. There’s no need. Much has changed since those days of captivity. Just think, the weapons which men have created can blow up an entire country. There’s simply no need! He told me that God is interested in being a Father; take out time to be there in your life. Notice “In all your ways acknowledge Him.” What are the chances that I’d use that particular proverb? You know how when you’re writing you don’t, necessarily, know where you’re going to end up. You just write and it unfolds as you’re going. Now, admit it, that’s crazy cool!

Which brings me to the “Proof is in the Pudding.” The proverb means once you have tasted, experienced, tried, etc., the evidence is there. The longing for God’s face is the everyday I write and it opens; the singing of the birds; the rotation of an object on an axis which, as is understood, is merely floating. We’ve tried to explain the phenomenon of different things that we’ve witnessed but much can’t be explained. We hint at the idea of a god but do not give Jehovah God His due.

The next time you write think of how that idea opens up to you. Then take the time in wonder, and rather you believe or don’t believe UNDERSTAND and realize God that there’s …. “Proof in the Pudding!”