KATch-UP Mondays: I See You

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Good morning! What better way to start the week than to remind each other and probably, MOST IMPORTANT, ourselves that you are seen?! You are heard. You are recognized. Someone is reading your posts. Someone knows and someone is always there. Today, like everyday, we need to take out time to appreciate the existence of our fellow brother and sister. Some may take that in a literal sense; I concur especially since I’m very close to my brothers. I’ve just come to realize my family extended beyond blood. We have band together as bloggers. Readers! I appreciate you! Thank you for your craft. Thank you for being a participant!

This blog, in a way, seems strange. We write and we know (or hope {smile}) someone will read what we post. To put some type of “encourage” seems odd for a blog. It’s done all the time, I know, but somehow it’s seem strange in the moment. I guess because it’s a blog. In a sense, I’m thinking this is something you’d put on FaceBook or Twitter; other social media outlets. Is blogging like social media? Hmmm! For the first time in social media status … I have consistency lol!

I see you! Now, do me a favor and pay it forward!