“Charmed I’m Sure”

Mockingbirds sing; be on display
Melodies of love, but in this instance, caused dismay
Who wants to be "mocked," basically teased ...
Jeered in contempt yielding unease?
Certainly not you; most definitely not me
But that's the idea of it all in this type of story
Looking into the eyes of a "friend" who supposedly has your back
Knowing full well their condescension is its act
An exacted undertone whispering in hidden agendas
Masking the truth is the great pretender
Its splendor is, "You're too naive to see what I'm actually doing ...
"You're kept around for personal pursuing...
"Ensuing results to get what I want ...
"Daunt your gain by my crafted loss"
Aaah! The joys of sarcasm, sometimes, taken for granted
It is as the mockingbird mimicking enchantments
Perhaps its expression is a pleasant demure
The true friend's response in "Charmed I'm Sure"

Written by Katherine Matthews