In a Word … Soar!

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Every once in a while a person needs a pick-me-up. An encouraging word that will get them through the rest of the week; maybe just through the day. There are tons of us who are very hard on ourselves. We try to push ourselves beyond what is seen because, oftentimes, we don’t believe what is seen is up to par. I wouldn’t say it is a mindset of perfection; more so to be consistently equivalent to whatever the standard.

Feelings of inadequacy come from different sources, however, those sources are just the echo in one’s own mind. Take a person who is a narcissist. He or she believe something that isn’t purely true. Their falsehood carries the weight of their self image and, therefore, they live in the fantasy that they are superior in all. Their inadequacy lies in a belief the world can’t survive without their presence. I mean, who wants to feel like they don’t matter?

What does your echo resound? Do you fight a lot to quiet those insecurities? Well, you’re not alone. Your surrounding circle consists of those who are also inadequate! This world is filled with inadequate people. Remember its meaning: lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose. Get to know who you are! You may find that you’re in the wrong place (literally and/or figuratively).

Discovery is a beautiful thing. Like an eagle, we have the ability to fly high and low by choice! We will fall, but we …. no, YOU … were created to get back up! Kick the dust off your feet and keep it pushing. You are not the mistakes you make! Forgiveness is for everyone! Give it and RECEIVE IT!! It is yours!


Image result for fly like an eagle