Bloggers, Am I Back — Refund?

Hi all. Happy Monday??? …. Evidently I thought my subscription was up, almost, a month ago. I’ve been waiting and waiting for my refund and haven’t received it! So, what’s a gal to do?

Now, wouldn’t a person utilize something they’ve paid for even if it’s here or there? I mean, for me — I’m not rich. And even if I had money …. I WOULDN’T HAVE MISSED THESE MANY DAYS; WEEKS — MONTH!!

So what should I call this blog? I have the faintest clue. I’m rather teed! — says the covered frustration reasonably angered consumer!

Is there a depiction out there to describe when something like this happens? One might think “It’s only a few dollars.” Sadly, rich folks don’t look at “It’s only a few dollars.” Nope. The reason they have is because they take account for every scent; down to the last penny.

What would you do if someone took advantage of you and it cost you something? In recent weeks I’ve been learning the lessons of the Christlike principles. It’s one thing to say you’re a Christian; it’s an entirely different thing to actually act them out!

Image result for eyebrow lifted in frustration

I found a depiction! It absolutely positively has NOTHING to do with today’s post …. but ….. heeeey …. it’s a depiction of loveliness!!! 🤣🤣🤣🥰😍😘

Anywho ~ Last week, while at the gym, I was (again) telling my Dad that truth sometimes hurt. Although, a person needs it because it can and will free you, it just hurts at times. Do you know what he told me? “Truth doesn’t hurt! It is what it states ‘IT WILL MAKE YOU FREE’! It is to inform a person no matter what the situation is. The reason why it supposedly hurts is because how the person takes it. It disagrees with what you really want!” Craaaaaaaaaap!!! Now that’s the truth!!

The title just came to me 5:44 PM. “Bloggers, Am I Back — Refund?” Excellent question!

It is apparent I still have a year. Thank you for those who read my “last” post and even decided to join the club of readers! Perhaps, I’ll have something to say!

Until next time ……….Refund Denied said yes, you are back! lol

Eat The Fruit By ANY Means Necessary (LOL)

Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless. - Thomas A. Edison
So, I went to peel a banana but the crazy thing wouldn't open
Something's got to be wrong
A banana supposed to open the same way all the time
Start at the top by bending the tip
Either the sides will split or the entire shell will open
What's going on?
I'm frustrated
I want my banana
Self speaks ....
"Get a knife ya goof
"The goal is to eat the fruit by any means necessary
"Now, remember this the next time you pick up another piece of fruit with a peel"

A Thought by Katherine Matthews

Blog Fridays: The Medicine That Cures All

Do you know what that medicine is? No, I’m not talking about Ibuprofen {pain reliever} or Zanaprin {relieves stress anxiety attacks} (lol). I’m talking about the good’o taste of laughter. I’m curious … does a smile equal, or at least compare, to laughter? I know it is the start of a chuckle but is it one?

Oh well, all things considered … I stand wholeheartedly by this medicine. Can you believe it’s free and quite powerful? The aches and pains of dreadful circumstances can not fight against it! It is the only pick-me-up that works without fail. I remember when depression, finally, reared itself back in 2011; such an indescribable gloom that still shows from time to time. Well, when it first hit I didn’t think it was possible to laugh ever again. Then one night I decided to watch some old shows (Golden Girls, Golden Palace, Boy Meets World and Frasier). It was a particular episode on each of these shows. One specific episode (BMW) was when Eric (played by Will Friedle) was trying to get back at his sister-in-law Topanga (played by Danielle Fishel) for beating him up because he tried to get his apartment back and she kicked his tail. He made an oath that he’d get his revenge. He warned her that she wouldn’t know when nor how, but it would happen!

These were all students in college and Eric would appear as an old lady. He appeared in the clear counter in the cafeteria. He also appeared in the picture to your left dressed like the old man. I laughed so hard I was crying! It was then I realized …. I was laughing! What a great feeling it was. It was so wonderful that it made me pause the show and just cry. Here, I didn’t think it was possible to laugh again because depression had stolen, what I felt like, everything! But, that moment was proof … laughter is truly medicine.

I don’t know what you’re going through. Maybe nothing in the moment. Yet, I sincerely believe all of us just need those times when we laugh until we pee lol. These depictions are good starters…

nice What Is Business? This Guy's Explanation Is Hilarious funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor stories funny jokes bill gates
Does it bother anyone else that it says,"where does your parents live?". Isn't it where do your parents live?

I hope this brought laughter or at least a smile! Please, enjoy your fabulous weekend and make sure to LAUGH!!!