Hmm, Does Being Able to Question Maturity Make You Mature?

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"Questionable Maturity" means masked?
Hidden through tasks?
Appeared intelligence; consideration
Resulted devastation 'cause the truth far from the scene
Selfishness's glean
Look beyond
What is spawned is someone else
Shelf yourself
Delve into what it means 
Maybe you're a follower's King
Taking and being lead is sacrifice
It's part of what was and is Christ
Coming into full growth is a golden opportunity
But, first, one must realize the "Questionable Maturity"

A Thought by Katherine Matthews

Please, tell me your thoughts — Does this statement about maturity ring true? Many question a person’s maturity but without sufficient amount of information; usually done with a certain amount of arrogance. I wonder … I’m up to questioning something’s maturity based off their tended responses. Is the answer conclusive or should I dig deeper?!

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Who’s More Mature: Men or Women?

Since, supposedly, men handle stress better than women it was only befitting to do research on which gender is more mature. I remember in school when my teacher said that girls develop faster than boys due to the physical changes which occur because of menstruation. It can start as early as 8 years of age.

Girls‘ brains can begin maturing from the age of 10 while some men have to wait until 20 before the same organisational structures take place, Newcastle University scientists have found. It is a well known truism that girls mature faster than boys. Dec 20, 2013 Girls really do mature quicker than boys, scientists find … › news › science › science-news › Girls-really-d…

Christopher Bergland
The Athlete’s Way

Scientists Identify Why Girls Often Mature Faster Than Boys

Brain connections generally become streamlined earlier in girls than in boys.

Scientists at Newcastle University in the U.K. have discovered that girls tend to optimize brain connections earlier than boys. The researchers conclude that this may explain why females generally mature faster in certain cognitive and emotional areas than males during childhood and adolescence. The new study was published on December 19, 2013 in Cerebral Cortex.

Of course, anyone who has read Middlesex knows that gender identification can be on a spectrum. Making generalizations about differences of brain structure based upon being a “boy” or a “girl” can be a slippery slope. That said, scientists are trying to solve the puzzle of why across larger data points there appear to be general differences between brain development among male and female cohorts.

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Whether you are male, female, or intersex, the brain undergoes a major restructuring during childhood. The connections in the brain that are not used regularly tend to shrink, and evaporate due to lack of use—while the neural networks that are regularly engaged are nourished and survive. This is called “fire and wire” and it’s the ultimate “use it or lose it” example of “neural Darwinism” and survival of the fittest among neural networks.

Optimizing brain connectivity is designed to give each human the best tools for survival in their environment. Unfortunately, in a modern world many of these highly fine-tuned connections are short-circuiting due to a neurobiological disorientation. The human brain cannot evolve fast enough to keep pace with the future shock of being born in the 21st century.

Many young people—especially boys—are vulnerable to the changes of growing up in a digital age. They become isolated and are thrown into a constant state of cortisol fueled fight-or-flight. This wreaks havoc on a young and vulnerable brain which needs to be in a parasympathetic state of “tend-and-befriend” to feel safe.

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Men and women; talk about these two species on Earth, and any discussion falls short of time and arguments. Right from superiority, looks, morals, to rights and social obligations, we (I mean the social world here) have always been on our toes to decode them in the simplest possible manner.

By decoding we mean all that makes a man and all that makes a woman. While the whole melodrama about how women were not treated as equals in the past has taken a considerable drop, there still is an age-old, dragged, (hyped?) and courageously carved statement – women mature faster than men. Believe me, I have known this fact, being the center of research and discussion, when it came to maturity and growing up.

So do women really mature faster than men? Or is this just another thought embedded by society, that is going to route feminism to another degree in the social world? Well, the answer is quite subjective, and it may irk a few readers, but from a neutral perspective, and after a good survey (which includes inputs from both men and women) we could say, YES. Most women mature faster than men. We take you through an interesting thought curve that supports this answer.

Let us begin with the scientific side of how and why women have a more matured behavior than most men their age.✧ Girls hit puberty earlier than boys, by at least 2 – 3 years. Since that moment, a girl becomes a woman, and is capable of producing babies! Strong enough fact? Now add to this the surge of hormones, making women go in all emotional directions at all times.✧ With puberty, just like the body goes through various changes, there also are many emotional and psychological changes that a woman experiences. It is also during this time that the gray matter develops in a woman’s brain. Social maturity gradually makes way during this whole process.✧ This is the point where we can define maturity, as the minds of both men and women diverge; which is puberty. It is the point where society starts implying the perspective that may define them as mature or not.

✧ Have we heard of comparisons of maturity of a 4 year old girl with a boy of the same age? No. Mainly, because maturity as a trait, has for long been envisioned, only after a girl or a boy reach a certain age; that is 12 or 13, which is also the age when they hit puberty. So, get the point why we say, early puberty in girls than boys is an important factor reasoning why women mature faster than men.

✧ Women were often given meager rights in the past. The fact that they had to prove themselves in all segments of society, made them more socially, physically, and spiritually aware than most men their age.

A scientific finding by Dr. Daniel Amen, highlights some physical aspects of the brain structure of men and women. This perhaps may prove why women ‘tend’ to mature faster.✧ The structure of the brain for men and women is different. A woman’s brain has more neural connectors from the limbic brain to the prefrontal cortex (also known as our thinking brain). So, here, in the thinking brain, we analyze, control our impulses, experience, learn, and create emotions. Hence, it can be said that women are more sensitive and expressive.✧ Expression gives freedom to be oneself and value for emotions. Girls can talk out issues, they can handle certain things that men are too practical to face. They have the warmth, the understanding, and a different perspective, that perhaps lifts them above men in terms of maturity.

✧ Being emotionally more connected, graceful, and sexually active, a woman gradually develops a deeper sense of attachment, a better understanding of all that is going on in her life, and all that is surrounding her.

✧ We could say that most young girls develop finer skills like self control, moral, and social values, while boys during the same age are getting good at sports and endurance. In society, being good at social presentation, wise and thoughtful, is considered as maturity, which obviously is portrayed by the fairer sex, considering the above said.

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It’s only right to end this with an anecdote.

Another morning at the gym with my homey dude Dad and we were talking about that gentlemen I’ve been having problems with. He wound up asking me, I will NEVER FORGET: do you think men are mature? I said, yes for the most part. (Dad) “So, you really think your Mom thinks I’m mature?!” (Me) “Yes, Dad, I do.” {laughter} (Dad) “You should ask your mother (lol). She would disagree (lol). You’ve heard her complain on how I get water all over the bathroom mirror and won’t wipe up after I’m finished. Or how I can just put my clean the residue buildup on the soap after I shower. Or the times I drop my shoe on the floor when she’s trying to sleep to put them on. Kat, you have to ask her!” {laughter until my side is hurting and tears fill my eyes}. (Me) “Okay Dad! I’m shocked because I never thought I’d hear a MAN tell me that men are immature. That is one for the books that every woman needs to know!” (LMBO)

Okay! Okay! What are you thinking?

The Triangle Love Affair

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Which way to turn…

My mind is sort of here and there in the reminisce of the past and what is today. It engages the circumstances of the relationships I faced over the past couple of years. (Chuckle) A slight exaggeration in the “couple” of years part. More like over 10! Dang, that’s a long time. That’s over a decade being in and out of relationships that I didn’t want to end but had no choice. I’m sure you, like me, wished some situations would have survived the brutal tide that not only crashed against the enormous mountain but knocked it into the abyss of the sea. It bothers me when people are so quick to jump to the conclusion “When you look back it was for the best.” That, truthfully, gets on my nerve. I’m not saying it bares no truth. I’m saying that folks should understand individuals NEED to SOBERLY assess these relationships. No, there’s likely not going to be a full awareness of why the other person made his or her decision, however, the assessment will bring you to a point of peace and maturity!

My first love! Boy, boy, boy … he was something else! I had never felt that way about anyone. It was more than butterflies in mere thought of him. It was heart racing in wishful “Oh God, I want to marry him,” type thing! We dated for several years, but he never would allow himself to be completely in the relationship. Just in case — this is when the individual is with you but has one foot in and out kinda thing. He eventually broke it off stating it was more than he could handle. I’m trying to sum it up as he just wasn’t ready to commit (marriage) but it was a little bit more than that. Yeah, I’m crazy! I used to apologize to him {time to time} because I was more involved than he was. The apology would come because I didn’t want to ever come across as though I was trying to pressure him and, I admit, my insecurities had been … ridiculous (lol)! No person can bear another’s insecurities. It is something every individual must work through on their own.

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Seeing blindly

This same guy, a few years later, got married! I guess he found what he was looking for. It broke my heart but what could I do? Nothing. No, not true. I could, and I did, respect his decision. Since I lived through that situation I was able to share with a friend (who became like a little sister) the experience and what I learned. So, that’s it: what did I learn? ….

Several months ago I found some of the instant message conversations we had that I had printed out. IM or instant message was during AOL days so we’re talking many moons ago (lol). In one of those conversations he wound up saying: “Why would I settle when I can have somebody better?” Ouch! Enough said, right?! So, the lesson I learned is no matter what higher power (God) may try to advise us; no matter what we know to be true it will come down to that one decision and it will make or break us in the end. I’m still discovering who I am. The reminisce of today is — I am still discovering. The reveal always takes time! Sometimes it takes years upon years. I can’t be disgruntle (though I have been frustrated throughout the journey–lol) with the process. I must embrace my truth … I am becoming the best version of myself beyond what I will ever understand.

Thanksgiving is mind-blowing

Romans 8:26-28 AMP … “In the same way the Spirit [comes to us and] helps us in our weakness. We do not know what prayer to offer or how to offer it as we should, but the Spirit Himself [knows our need and at the right time] intercedes on our behalf with sighs and groanings too deep for words. And He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because the Spirit intercedes [before God] on behalf of God’s people in accordance with God’s will. And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.

And though THAT one decided to go away … I can thank God He decided to stay!