Who’s More Mature: Men or Women?

Since, supposedly, men handle stress better than women it was only befitting to do research on which gender is more mature. I remember in school when my teacher said that girls develop faster than boys due to the physical changes which occur because of menstruation. It can start as early as 8 years of age.

Girls‘ brains can begin maturing from the age of 10 while some men have to wait until 20 before the same organisational structures take place, Newcastle University scientists have found. It is a well known truism that girls mature faster than boys. Dec 20, 2013 Girls really do mature quicker than boys, scientists find …
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Christopher Bergland
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Scientists Identify Why Girls Often Mature Faster Than Boys

Brain connections generally become streamlined earlier in girls than in boys.

Scientists at Newcastle University in the U.K. have discovered that girls tend to optimize brain connections earlier than boys. The researchers conclude that this may explain why females generally mature faster in certain cognitive and emotional areas than males during childhood and adolescence. The new study was published on December 19, 2013 in Cerebral Cortex.

Of course, anyone who has read Middlesex knows that gender identification can be on a spectrum. Making generalizations about differences of brain structure based upon being a “boy” or a “girl” can be a slippery slope. That said, scientists are trying to solve the puzzle of why across larger data points there appear to be general differences between brain development among male and female cohorts.

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Whether you are male, female, or intersex, the brain undergoes a major restructuring during childhood. The connections in the brain that are not used regularly tend to shrink, and evaporate due to lack of use—while the neural networks that are regularly engaged are nourished and survive. This is called “fire and wire” and it’s the ultimate “use it or lose it” example of “neural Darwinism” and survival of the fittest among neural networks.

Optimizing brain connectivity is designed to give each human the best tools for survival in their environment. Unfortunately, in a modern world many of these highly fine-tuned connections are short-circuiting due to a neurobiological disorientation. The human brain cannot evolve fast enough to keep pace with the future shock of being born in the 21st century.

Many young people—especially boys—are vulnerable to the changes of growing up in a digital age. They become isolated and are thrown into a constant state of cortisol fueled fight-or-flight. This wreaks havoc on a young and vulnerable brain which needs to be in a parasympathetic state of “tend-and-befriend” to feel safe.

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Men and women; talk about these two species on Earth, and any discussion falls short of time and arguments. Right from superiority, looks, morals, to rights and social obligations, we (I mean the social world here) have always been on our toes to decode them in the simplest possible manner.

By decoding we mean all that makes a man and all that makes a woman. While the whole melodrama about how women were not treated as equals in the past has taken a considerable drop, there still is an age-old, dragged, (hyped?) and courageously carved statement – women mature faster than men. Believe me, I have known this fact, being the center of research and discussion, when it came to maturity and growing up.

So do women really mature faster than men? Or is this just another thought embedded by society, that is going to route feminism to another degree in the social world? Well, the answer is quite subjective, and it may irk a few readers, but from a neutral perspective, and after a good survey (which includes inputs from both men and women) we could say, YES. Most women mature faster than men. We take you through an interesting thought curve that supports this answer.

Let us begin with the scientific side of how and why women have a more matured behavior than most men their age.✧ Girls hit puberty earlier than boys, by at least 2 – 3 years. Since that moment, a girl becomes a woman, and is capable of producing babies! Strong enough fact? Now add to this the surge of hormones, making women go in all emotional directions at all times.✧ With puberty, just like the body goes through various changes, there also are many emotional and psychological changes that a woman experiences. It is also during this time that the gray matter develops in a woman’s brain. Social maturity gradually makes way during this whole process.✧ This is the point where we can define maturity, as the minds of both men and women diverge; which is puberty. It is the point where society starts implying the perspective that may define them as mature or not.

✧ Have we heard of comparisons of maturity of a 4 year old girl with a boy of the same age? No. Mainly, because maturity as a trait, has for long been envisioned, only after a girl or a boy reach a certain age; that is 12 or 13, which is also the age when they hit puberty. So, get the point why we say, early puberty in girls than boys is an important factor reasoning why women mature faster than men.

✧ Women were often given meager rights in the past. The fact that they had to prove themselves in all segments of society, made them more socially, physically, and spiritually aware than most men their age.

A scientific finding by Dr. Daniel Amen, highlights some physical aspects of the brain structure of men and women. This perhaps may prove why women ‘tend’ to mature faster.✧ The structure of the brain for men and women is different. A woman’s brain has more neural connectors from the limbic brain to the prefrontal cortex (also known as our thinking brain). So, here, in the thinking brain, we analyze, control our impulses, experience, learn, and create emotions. Hence, it can be said that women are more sensitive and expressive.✧ Expression gives freedom to be oneself and value for emotions. Girls can talk out issues, they can handle certain things that men are too practical to face. They have the warmth, the understanding, and a different perspective, that perhaps lifts them above men in terms of maturity.

✧ Being emotionally more connected, graceful, and sexually active, a woman gradually develops a deeper sense of attachment, a better understanding of all that is going on in her life, and all that is surrounding her.

✧ We could say that most young girls develop finer skills like self control, moral, and social values, while boys during the same age are getting good at sports and endurance. In society, being good at social presentation, wise and thoughtful, is considered as maturity, which obviously is portrayed by the fairer sex, considering the above said.

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It’s only right to end this with an anecdote.

Another morning at the gym with my homey dude Dad and we were talking about that gentlemen I’ve been having problems with. He wound up asking me, I will NEVER FORGET: do you think men are mature? I said, yes for the most part. (Dad) “So, you really think your Mom thinks I’m mature?!” (Me) “Yes, Dad, I do.” {laughter} (Dad) “You should ask your mother (lol). She would disagree (lol). You’ve heard her complain on how I get water all over the bathroom mirror and won’t wipe up after I’m finished. Or how I can just put my clean the residue buildup on the soap after I shower. Or the times I drop my shoe on the floor when she’s trying to sleep to put them on. Kat, you have to ask her!” {laughter until my side is hurting and tears fill my eyes}. (Me) “Okay Dad! I’m shocked because I never thought I’d hear a MAN tell me that men are immature. That is one for the books that every woman needs to know!” (LMBO)

Okay! Okay! What are you thinking?

KATch-UP Mondays: You At The End of … You!

Good, bad, ugly, indifferent all made a difference in the person we are today. As you look back over your life what is the first memory you have? Is it a good one? A bad one? Was there many tragedies that occurred? Was your life filled with money and joy or money with pain? Perhaps a life filled with anguish and laughter. Somewhere in there you will find where you fit.

It’s a common writing about ”The Dash.” The dash represents what will take place from our beginning to our end. The power of the dash tells the story, but what story? Here’s its writing …

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This morning’s thought stems from a message my Dad brought yesterday. He talked of our lives being shaped from the very beginning; choices we’d make throughout would bring us to where we are now: good or bad. We fail to realize that everything, really, is for a reason. Our lives are mapped out to the tee. No, we don’t know all the little stuff in between, but if we take a look we’d find that those “ups and downs” were the betterment of who we are today. Some may think, “But I’m homeless.” Yet, that’s why God put people of wealth, of heart, etc., to care about you! They are pushed (rather they want to or not) to make sure you are taking care of. Maybe a thought of, “But I suffered abuse!” Yes, you did! And look at you now. You are a testimony for others of the strength you had to endure. This is a part of my story:

My book “Naked Before You” coming soon.

This is another moment of reflection. What are your thoughts? Do you believe your life has aligned with the choices you’ve made? If you don’t think so … take the time to reminisce and you will find you at the end of you!

Blog Fridays: The Medicine That Cures All

Do you know what that medicine is? No, I’m not talking about Ibuprofen {pain reliever} or Zanaprin {relieves stress anxiety attacks} (lol). I’m talking about the good’o taste of laughter. I’m curious … does a smile equal, or at least compare, to laughter? I know it is the start of a chuckle but is it one?

Oh well, all things considered … I stand wholeheartedly by this medicine. Can you believe it’s free and quite powerful? The aches and pains of dreadful circumstances can not fight against it! It is the only pick-me-up that works without fail. I remember when depression, finally, reared itself back in 2011; such an indescribable gloom that still shows from time to time. Well, when it first hit I didn’t think it was possible to laugh ever again. Then one night I decided to watch some old shows (Golden Girls, Golden Palace, Boy Meets World and Frasier). It was a particular episode on each of these shows. One specific episode (BMW) was when Eric (played by Will Friedle) was trying to get back at his sister-in-law Topanga (played by Danielle Fishel) for beating him up because he tried to get his apartment back and she kicked his tail. He made an oath that he’d get his revenge. He warned her that she wouldn’t know when nor how, but it would happen!

These were all students in college and Eric would appear as an old lady. He appeared in the clear counter in the cafeteria. He also appeared in the picture to your left dressed like the old man. I laughed so hard I was crying! It was then I realized …. I was laughing! What a great feeling it was. It was so wonderful that it made me pause the show and just cry. Here, I didn’t think it was possible to laugh again because depression had stolen, what I felt like, everything! But, that moment was proof … laughter is truly medicine.

I don’t know what you’re going through. Maybe nothing in the moment. Yet, I sincerely believe all of us just need those times when we laugh until we pee lol. These depictions are good starters…

nice What Is Business? This Guy's Explanation Is Hilarious funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor stories funny jokes bill gates
Does it bother anyone else that it says,"where does your parents live?". Isn't it where do your parents live?

I hope this brought laughter or at least a smile! Please, enjoy your fabulous weekend and make sure to LAUGH!!!

KATch-UP Mondays: Fools Rush In

Good morning ladies and gents! I bring good tidings to you. Drudgery feels the air day in and out of our lives that, sometimes, we just need a pick me up. Did you catch what I did? I used the word “feels” instead of “fills.” This important notation is caused by the redundancy of our everyday. Again, I’m not a news watcher but catch it from time to time. Quite difficult to not watch when it’s on at home, gym, mechanic’s. It’s the news! A source used to inform us on what’s going on in our town, state … world.

The tragedy of hurricane Dorian is devastating just as the mass shooting that took place, again, in Texas. Readers, bloggers … these cases are dire for us to know, if nothing else, to send out a silent prayer for all who are being effected; directly or indirectly. I guess in a nutshell I wish that sometimes the news would show positive things going on in the world. If this source is to inform us of the tragedies, can’t the same source inform us of the glories?

Daily, I do a devotional from the Bible. I use the You Version Bible app to keep me on track. What I mean is they have a variety of plans to encourage you to read. Themes such as: love, children, doubt, anger, lust, etc. It’s a helpful tool when you’re in search of answers and your SOURCE is God!

In my devotional last Tuesday (Sept 3) I had finished day 25 in my plan {I’m reading about the Old Testament major prophets and it’s 60 days long — I tend to read ahead because the stories become intriguing lol}. As I was closing out for the morning I noticed the Verse of the Day stating “A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.” (Proverbs 18:2). Now, that’s funny right there!!

Can you believe I’m using this picture in my blog?

“A fool has NO delight in understanding …” The funny thing about this is … okay, for me, the president. ‘Fools Rush In’ clearly means stupid people who often do or say things without thinking enough about them. I know other people like him, but must use someone you know. How can you say, or tweet in his case, a tree is not a tree but the sun which shines a light upon the earth? What the heck?! LOL! Where is his understanding? Does he know anything? OMG lol. I understand that fools {a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person} don’t get it but become lost when it’s something simple as I drive a car not a house lol.

I know you’ve met and dealt with fools. You’ve scratched your head. You’ve gotten frustrated at their lack of getting something you’ve repeated 10 times over. You’ve walked away. You’ve looked at them in astonishment thinking, “He/she can’t be this dense!” (lol). But … sigh aloud …. they’re everywhere! (LMBO)

Blog Fridays: Social Media Presents — Blogging!

Social media is the place we use for platform. A way to share with people we know and don’t know how we’re feeling, thinking, informing, etc. A powerful tool to spread our message across the world in an instant with just a click of a button “publish.” That’s actually pretty neat. So, since this is my platform, I’ve decided to finally share my dirty laundry with everybody …

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See what’s the display?

Now, this feels great!! I had to get all of this off my chest. I was heavy laden with loaded pent up frustration. You know what it’s like. Life throws one curve ball after another. Sometimes we just gotta release and let the filth drop where they may. LOL

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Great advice for us all

Look at what I found as a result of “drying out the dirty laundry.” This is a fabulous notation. “The best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it …” You know what’s crazy, I used to think and wish I could talk about a personal relationship I was involved in. If we took some pictures together that we’d put it on some type of social media to “express our love.” Uuuh, I have been proven right. Keeping a low profile is the way to go. I’m already a private person and letting the “world” know of a personal relationship is a bit much. Why bring unnecessary attention to something that should be personal? Personal expression can be shared on a date. It’s called PDA (public display of affection). I’ve done it before and could careless about what our surroundings thought. I didn’t do it for attention. It happened because my eyes were fixed! Maybe we should reconsider the next time we want to put our lives in pictures/words on the social stage. True expression is shown in secret and rewarded openly. Don’t make him or her feel uncomfortable, especially if they’re not comfortable with it. Now, for those of you who don’t mind this cup of tea, heeeeey, by all means, do your thang!

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Hehehehehe … enough said

Last, but certainly not least … read the funny caption in the picture! This was a fun blog for me. I hope you enjoyed it as well. Again, laughter (considerable play on things) is good like medicine. Helping people, also, includes the ability to bring a smile!