Heartbreak: Oblivion? What the ….?

This moment is to sacred, frustrating at the brink of pure “someone is absolutely mad” to pass by. I just seen this flash on CNN news and it broke my heart. But I think I’m more pissed than heartbroken. What the H.E.L.L. is wrong with the “you know who guy” that this would happen? Is he so into himself that he can’t see anything else in sight? That can’t be true! This can’t be happening. And, yet, it is as real as the sky is blue! Can we become so engulfed in self that we dismiss the smallest thing that could save someone; even unto death? There’s something really wrong if we’re that blind because of politics, relationships, money, fame, etc. Whatever floats your boat!!

I mean, come on here! I just heard about the foolishness of bothering the Iranians! Again, what the crap is wrong with this guy?! I don’t know about you but if we don’t start checking ourselves before it gets to late, and stopped acting like we don’t know something, and if we are ignorant — find the time to read something to learn, we will become a people extinct within a matter of a few years. Oh yes! A few years. If he this continues our country, as we “know” it, will come to an end. It’s just like that other blog when I talked about the fear I have in what’s going on in our world, really as a whole. NO! We will never get the blossomed trees of a warm sunny day 24/7 but I hope we at least care for others enough to want to be an aid instead of a liability.

You know what? To God be the glory for the things He has done! Is doing! And will complete! Why, because if He didn’t have the ultimate plan …. we would never have the hope in seeing the light of day of heaven (eternity)!!

KATch-UP Mondays: Insight

Together, we can if we just patient ourselves!

*Capacity is the maximum amount that something can contain or produce.

KATch-UP for today is the insight into putting an end to blame! Fix the problem, not the blame. In many cases it would be virtually impossible to fix the blame. The blame is usually an individual who has made a/some choice(s) that has effected other people’s lives. The “blame” likely is strong-willed, stubborn, self-centered and other, seemingly, destructive qualities; however, those same traits, when put into other situations, are quite beneficial. They help unravel surfaced situations that are, in truth, deeply rooted. It just goes to show, again, how much we need each other.

So, what’s the plain viewed insight … when a person’s capacity is limited to ABC and has not the ability to form words, how can anyone become upset if that is all the person knows?! Our President is a great example. It is apparent his capacity, or understanding, is not broad. Unfortunately, this position has revealed that he is limited in so many ways in running his life let alone our country. Yet, in his favor, the ginormous blunders he’s made has also unraveled some things that needed unraveling.

When we see/know of someone who is considered “slow, ignorant, nuisance” (whatever term of description suits you) there is this assumption that their capacity is not of the “norm”. But that isn’t true. We all have a learning curve. I have an Aunt who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar. Wow huh?! It’s pretty tough for her. She actually went to college out of all her siblings and was a straight A student. When she is on her meds she can coherently tell the right from the left. It is when she chooses not to take them that it appears that the right is in wrestle with the left. It’s like her subconscious and conscious are mixing up the information and she fights tooth and nail. She has recently suffered an episode but as I listened to her talk she wound up saying she didn’t want to take her meds anymore; she’s been taking them for over 34 years. That’s a long time. That gave a clear understanding that she didn’t want to be this way but the mental war she’s in won’t release her. Do I then dismiss her because of the problem? No, absolutely not. I love my Auntie rather she believes me or not. I wish I knew what she needed to fix the problem. She didn’t ask to be this way. Life and circumstances lead her here.

I am in no way saying that it is easy to handle those of a “lesser” capacity. I am merely saying once you realize the other’s capacity is “less” than yours to consider a different approach. After all, are we not that individual, too, unaware of something?

Truth is Freeing

“Let freedom ring!” A great phrase still bellowing throughout the ages. Profoundly, it has made drastic differences, however, our ignorance continues to bliss in, unfortunate, positions. The beauty of the context that I’m speaking of is not about race; though, that subject needs to be addressed time and time and time and time …. did I mention, “Time and time and time …?” (lol). I’m talking about the strength of who we are as a people. When we can see each other’s truths, maybe we will ….. yeah, I’m not sure. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Let freedom ring,” and here we are with Donald Trump as our President. OMG!! Let’s get on our knees right now and pray! …. Hey, even you who are atheist! LOL

How it goes