A Blogger’s Close

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February 12, 2020. As my finest hours come to a close I ponder, again, “What in the world am I doing here?” Me?! A blogger? What was I thinking? “….tell stories …. paint pictures of reflections {especially since my whole get up was about reflections lol} …. blog other people’s blogs …. try something new …..

I guess the list is a tad longer, but how is it I’m at the end of a year, which feels like an era, and I’m more lost than I was when I started?! I have the faintest idea.

The blank page …

The rhetoric posts …

The experience

The gratitude moments (which I can bask even after this moment)

The repost of another’s post

Ooooo, the write of a writing {what people call poetry but more of a spoken word — or performance poetry written to be performed!} —- wow you guys … maybe I need to try this on the new excursion!

The reflections … yes, this one has been my foundational idea since the very beginning. There is a creed in the COGIC (Church of God In Christ) organization which states “We pledge our unselfish devotion and loyalty to the principles and doctrine of our COGIC faith. To be representatives of holiness in our everyday lives. And to LET (allow, surrender) our lives be a MIRROR THAT REFLECTS the IMAGE of Christ”. I learned this pledge when I was a little girl. It has, obviously, stuck with me all these years. But not only that it has been what I’ve come to realize in a whole different belief! Our lives are mirrors! We reflect something everyday!!

🤔 That’s what this stage was for!

If you have read this far, look back at the first paragraph; the first 4 words: “As my FINEST hours …” That’s a pretty strong statement! I’m not the best writer; clearly not a good blogger! I’m not the best anything which makes this the finest hour I’ve had in the blogging world! …..


My mirror has reflected flaw, distortion, light, comfort, reconciliation, anger, depression, selfishness, etc. — YOU!!

Thanks for this opportunity to have received your eyes! I will never forget ….

Hello World …

Good morning
An amazing greeted phrase that should and CAN brighten a day
Ease dismay
Rectify yesterday’s “oops”
Regroup the sting in the unbearable
Quiet the anxiousness of life’s terrible
Permissive amiability is a practiced mindset
Allowing all the beset to be washed down to what’s contrast
Holding fast, instead, to the surpassed
Not creating euphoric ideas
But realizing the real to the unspoken
The powerfully broken mundane can, now, be surrounded in piece
A piece of gratitude
Piece of tranquility
Piece of rectitude which brings more mobility
Hostility, unforgiveness … attributes to “not letting go”
Eventually takes a toll embracing unhealthy’s control
Mental, emotional … physically worn out
Spiritually disconnected in a world without
Without a hope that will tolerate beyond our selfishness
Vigor to try replacing destruction with carefulness
Our connectedness of two words; the daily of our anew
“Good Morning!” to you, you and you!

By Katherine Matthews