The Truth is Out? Virus Pandemic — Not as It Seems

Good evening all. Well, I was told to get this out as soon as possible so here goes.

A friend of mine sent this video to me. I’m unsure if any of you has seen it. It’s a 48+ video of the fear the government/doctors and social media has put out! It will leave you speechless. Maybe pissed and frustrated all at the same time.

I don’t know … you tell me what you think ….

Blog Fridays: “Meaning Has No Value” Continued – Stringed

What a wonderful idea that came to me when doing my last blog. I’ve had this idea for the past couple of weeks putting a string of five quotes for a post. They represent encouragement; enlightenment and some type of intrigue. The idea that hit me during the “Meaning Has No Value” is to literally do the opposite of strings. Wow! What a thing to do. Hard to believe that there are people out there who don’t want to be an encouragement in a positive sense. The difficulty, even within that sentence is, those who “positively” encourage through negative energy thinks it’s the best thing ever. Scary huh?! Well, I’m not one of those people, but I’m actually going to try to see if I can find things that are discouraging. The challenge is not to use vulgar or racial demeaning anything that is absolutely uncalled for. I pray for those out there who believe violence is the way to go!

Discouragement ….

Deception ….


Displeasure ….

Image result for depress

These strings were harder than I thought. I guess that will be my next adventure …. think outside the box lol.

Heartbreak: Oblivion? What the ….?

This moment is to sacred, frustrating at the brink of pure “someone is absolutely mad” to pass by. I just seen this flash on CNN news and it broke my heart. But I think I’m more pissed than heartbroken. What the H.E.L.L. is wrong with the “you know who guy” that this would happen? Is he so into himself that he can’t see anything else in sight? That can’t be true! This can’t be happening. And, yet, it is as real as the sky is blue! Can we become so engulfed in self that we dismiss the smallest thing that could save someone; even unto death? There’s something really wrong if we’re that blind because of politics, relationships, money, fame, etc. Whatever floats your boat!!

I mean, come on here! I just heard about the foolishness of bothering the Iranians! Again, what the crap is wrong with this guy?! I don’t know about you but if we don’t start checking ourselves before it gets to late, and stopped acting like we don’t know something, and if we are ignorant — find the time to read something to learn, we will become a people extinct within a matter of a few years. Oh yes! A few years. If he this continues our country, as we “know” it, will come to an end. It’s just like that other blog when I talked about the fear I have in what’s going on in our world, really as a whole. NO! We will never get the blossomed trees of a warm sunny day 24/7 but I hope we at least care for others enough to want to be an aid instead of a liability.

You know what? To God be the glory for the things He has done! Is doing! And will complete! Why, because if He didn’t have the ultimate plan …. we would never have the hope in seeing the light of day of heaven (eternity)!!

Road Trip Terror

MindFILLED driving

Brake drivers! Have you experienced being behind someone who ride their brakes? Are you one of those drivers who ride your brakes? OMG!!! What is the matter with you? (LOL). An absolute nightmare being on the road filled with those who drive with their brakes. That seems impossible, but it is very possible. A brake driver is one who uses their brakes even when someone is not in front of them. A brake driver uses their brake to coast down the road. A brake driver, when there is traffic, brakes even if the car is a mile ahead! A brake driver is one who, still in traffic, one close to the vehicle brakes just before they hit the other car but fail to realize the drivers behind them. I think they forget that there are drivers on the side and behind — not just in front! Most brake drivers don’t know how to enter a freeway at the speed of traffic. They actually merge onto the ramp as though it’s 12 midnight when cars are bare minimum. OMG!!!! Stop it! (lol).

One of my biggest fears in driving is to get from the side. A friend of mine got hit last year. He told me recovery has been tedious. He sent me a picture of his truck; it was damaged badly. I’m thankful he came out okay. I think he said the driver was also okay. Yesterday, my worst fear almost came to past … but, in this case, I was the person to hit someone on the side. Traffic was heavy so there’s going to be much go stop action. The driver in front of me was that brake driver. He waited to late to brake for the person in front of him so he slammed on his brakes swerving away towards the left but wound up spinning around to the middle. Thankfully, the other lanes were empty. When he slammed on his brake I was able to get over into the far right (in front of a diesel), but when he spent into the middle he came into my lane. I was just inches away from hitting him but was able to maneuver to the left to not hit him. The diesel behind me, evidently, witnessing the whole thing had already begun to slow down. He was able to stop in time!

So, what needs to be said, again?! STOP WITH THE BRAKE DRIVING!!! (lol) FYI, the car slows down by itself if you take your foot off the gas! OMG!!! Please, stop it lol.

Medicated Fear = Valor

Image result for shoot attacks

The dynamic of taking a life isn’t as it seems. It appears that those who can rather by a gun, drunk driving, smoking, etc., fully have the confidence emitted. But this isn’t true. You have to meditate on something continuously to get the nerve to pull the trigger; drink so much and believe you’re not impaired. Smoking? Why is this included? Great question. When a person smokes there’s already a cautionary that cancer may develop. This idea comes but there is, somewhat, a false hope that it won’t happen to them. To consider others is not a factor, however, the smokers are aware that secondhand smoke is more lethal than that of firsthand. Study show that the inhalation of secondhand is also accompanied with environmental toxins. This, therefore, increase chances of disease.

This morning’s blog is inspired by the recent gunman who was about to go into the federal building to kill those inside. Yes, a sigh of relief that he was caught before anyone got hurt. Yet, that’s not the point! And I am thankful all are okay! … This is about what did it take for that man to get to such a point of no return. It took a medicated fear! That makes absolutely no sense but is perfect in all sense! He clearly was meditating on what, when, where, why and how he wanted to accomplish this “goal”. Some personal experience brought him to that day. Just as others in the past who decided the same. A type of hurt, injustice, or disappointment took place and, evidently, these sort of things were constantly happening. After a while you find the “cure”. Yes, the ultimate goal will be obtained. Who can stop them? No one! The valor … getting into an accident taking out a life. Cancer (enough said)! And the trigger — at least you may die in the process and if you don’t you will go down in history as being talked about. After all, America loves to publicize such events!!

Is It Possible?


Good morning! This will be a short and, hopefully, sweet to the point blog today. I have a simple, yet, complex question. Is it possible to not be in fear with our President’s choices? This new occurrence of it “being okay to allow other countries involvement” scares the living daylights out of me. He has already said and done things that are troubling, but this one … I just don’t know!

Please, help! I try to be a person who face things rather I know what’s ahead or not, but this particular thing has me (since 3 this morning) saying, “I’m really scared!” Worry doesn’t resolve anything! It’s fruitful in that it reaps stress lol. But how do we deal with the President who grips the very air we breathe? We can be killed in an instant by the push of a button. Supposed freedom?! Explain, beyond a vote, how to handle this.

How did those who dealt with Hitler and other dictators survive it?

Blog Block: Invisibility

Liken to those “less” than us, we don’t see them as they truly
are because we actually don’t take out the time to pay attention.

What is a writer’s worse fear?! How does it happen? Why does it happen? I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop ready to type something; anything! The light bulb moment, finally, appears on the top of my head: Blog Block! A moment in time where nothing comes to mind. We stare at the blank page (or computer) for minutes, hours on end waiting for something to enter and … nothing! What an awful feeling to have.

I’m discovering another connection with my fellow writers. We all have that moment when everything goes black. The once filled mind empties of the ideas we thought of before setting ourselves to write. What occurred? Well, for me … ME! Hmmm, I think I’m learning that my block, sometimes, come when I have too much going on. Then I start to feel guilty if I don’t get a chance to, in this case, blog. Sadly, I recall a post when I said I was removing guilt for not being able to post. My laptop went on a fritz and it took the tech longer than expected to fix the issue. In over a week I wasn’t able to get on the site. That’s when I “presumably” worked through my anxiety of not blogging. I mean after all we are paying to have others read what we write. We want others to take out time to read what we have to say because, somehow, we believe it’s “important.” And then you learn that you may get one reader here or there and then so on and so on …

The truth of peace prevails and I calmly return to myself. Of course, I would love for people to hear my voice (in general actually) through this blog. But that has been the catcher most of my life. I’m invisible! Sometimes I don’t want the mountain to overshadow me; even from those right in front of my face. To end the internal scream, “I’m right here! I’m right here!” … and just be … okay!

Aaaah, so I end this with saying, again, “A delighted thank you to Word Press (those who put it together, bloggers and readers) for allowing me a voice!”