Rude! I Can Dig It …

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What is that?

Rude – offensively impolite or ill-mannered; having a startling abruptness; (British) vigorous or hearty; (dated) roughly made or done; lacking subtlety or sophistication.

I’ll take “having a startling abruptness” and “hearty” for 2000, Alex! LOL! The two imperative definitions renders the choice of being heartily abrupt! The best way of being rude to someone. But I know the question is: Is it okay to be rude to anyone?!

I’ve thought about this question for some time. I posed this question to my brother last night and his responses was there are circumstances when you can be considered rude; not so much that the person is being ill-mannered but the subtle approach has happened. For instance, a student in an English class continuously brings up Geography to explain his or her stance. The point of the discussion is the proper use of words such as there, their and they’re. Though one of the “theres” denote location the student uses Geography to talk about they’re and their inclusion to the overall point. Wouldn’t you agree that will become agitating after awhile? … (that’s tight huh? lol)

I’m curious what you think. Is it EVER okay to be “rude” in any situation?