Our senses teach beyond basic; it's that of intuition
Alarms us of dangers and, in itself, great ammunition
I think it's safe to say most people are cordial to everyone
We're trained to believe first impressions are second to none
It has paid in ways opening some doors
Forging lifelong relationships that have come in many forms
And then it happens ... the hairs on the back of your neck show a sign
The disposition of another nudges the incline
Inclination of something unsettled in your spirit
Though not its clearest but forcefully belligerent
A scary truth: we all discriminate
Relax your mind and allow me to educate

Yet, not at this time; for this write to be discontinued
With hopeful intrigue that you will stay tuned

Ponder these thoughts: "Birds of a feather flock together"
Ask: are you of those seeking disquieting pleasures? ....

Tweak exert from "A Mirror's Reflection"

By Katherine Matthews