Blog Fridays: “A Blog in Song”

Are you thinking, “How is this even possible?” Great! Fantastic! Blogging is a part of showing our artistic side, right? So, since music is an area I “dabble” in – what better way than to present to you ‘A Blog in Song.’

I’ve kept this idea under wraps for quite some time. I was trying to think of the right time to post it and figured, “Hey, why not now?!” (smile). It’s always good to try to end things on a happy note; an encourage of some sort because you know you have the weekend and many days ahead filled with … life!

Image result for music sheet of bach

Music is also a way to express what we’re thinking. If you know anything about sheet music there are various types of terms used to describe dynamics. As in this piece to your left, you have rests, whole and quarter notes, crescendo, mezzo forte and staccato. You, perhaps, have no clue what these terms mean, but I assure you they are parts of speech used to bring a song to life!

Why do you think a story line in a movie or TV show make you happy, sad, scared — it’s the music played behind the scenes. They’re interpreting what your emotions should display at that moment. It gets you every time. Well, at least it should if it’s a movie (TV show) worthwhile.

I have selected 3 songs and have placed them in a story like setting. I hope they speak to you as they have me, and you find yourself enjoying this melodious blog.

Anastasia’s — Journey To The Past

Aquaman’s — Everything I Need

Bicentennial Man’s — Then You Look At Me

Hate At Its Finest

Progressive! Liberty Mutual! Sling TV! ASPCA PETA! You’ve seen them all and then some. Commercials that bring out the worst in you. Yelp. Commercials. I get they help sponsor and fray costs programs and it is a good marketing tool for themselves to get their product out there. But … OMGosh! Have these commercials lost their mind?! Especially when they are shown 50 times doing a 30 minute program!

Not that it doesn’t happen but c’mon

Before addressing the insurance commercials let me address the one with animals. ASPCA PETA! First, I don’t hate animals, yet, this commercial brings out the worst. Some of you may think what’s wrong with the compassion shown to these abandoned lovable creatures? Nothing until you realize the angle of those filming it. Think about it. Can animals show sadness? Yes. Yet, don’t you think they stretch it a tad bit far? Do you feel the same way about that roach or ant you stepped on? The disdain of this commercial is the dreary music playing in the background and its length. It doesn’t take all this. The music is to grab your heart-strings to pull you in to either sponsor and/or adopt. Nope! Not gonna work. This advertisement is about 30 minutes long. LMBO (laughing my butt off). Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but that’s how long it feels when it comes on.

Can’t believe I used this picture But it paints the picture of annoyance

INSURANCE commercials – UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE (a word I created years ago)!! These commercials … you just shake your head back and forth till dizzy. Dripping with complete contempt on the heart-strings felt every time they come on. I’ve never once liked the Progressive commercial. I hate it every time it appears. When Liberty Mutual first came on as a counter gratefulness filled the air. And then it happened. Liberty Mutual became adjacent to Progressive. Like, “What the piss is wrong with these folks doing these commercials?”

Sling TV! Okay, why in the H E .. double L would they use something so inane to describe WATCHING TV for a network?! You don’t need it. You just don’t need it. People …. YOU JUST DON’T NEED IT!!!!!!

Sorry! I’ve been thinking about this for a loooooooooooooooooong time! I imagine you can tell lol. What are some of the TV shows and/or commercials you can’t stand? They have a sight where you can write a complaint. I’m not sure how effect it is, however, if you noticed … they don’t show Flo much on Progressive. And, I must add, it is not hate for any of those in the commercials. They’re just doing their job. If they don’t work they can’t eat. Live! It’s all in the concept! They do a horrible, horrible job in creativity!

Here’s a site ( ) I found cause I, too, wanted to make a complaint. I’m not sure how far it goes, but one can only hope that those behind the scene individuals who are the writers will take a good hard look that their picture SUCKS.

The “Blah”

I read some of the blogs I’ve done and they are pretty … blah. Not that I didn’t mean any of what I wrote; more so it seemed like gloom had overshadowed my intent. It is never to bore or be without meaning. A heart’s desire to be informative, encouraging, witty, intriguing, funny; a mirror whose reflection emanates others thoughts/feelings of truth and who can personally testify the same in what I see/experience.

I don’t want to give away my secret approach in writing my writes (what most would call poems) but I want to share an idea, perhaps, that you have as well.

Naaaah! (lol). We each have our unique ability to express ideas the way we do. To be exciting and gain, at least, one reader! So, this one is just for you …. (well, like the other ones I write too .. lol) …

Written by Katherine Matthews

A Writer’s Repetition

Image result for writer's repetition

We are the most creative limited human beings ever! That is a strong statement, yet, the oxymoron fits! As much as we come up with ideas to expound upon we still wound up covering the same thing. We dress it up to make it appear prettier but, somehow, it still equals the same. You know what, be okay with this fact!

I have been enjoying many of the blogs on here. The insight from how to blog, to favorite books, to worldly news, to relational advise. The creative part comes from the person’s stance. Somewhere in there we will agree or disagree alike but how we convey it is what makes the difference. It’s pretty amazing that we are billions upon billions of individuals having the same thought at one time or another but reaching that conclusion is always different.

The blogger helpers, for instance, are the best. I seen the blog where you can create a business by blogging. Now, how cool is that? If you enjoy writing, which is gathered that each of us loves it and can get paid doing something we love, that is too cool. And too those bloggers who delve into those helpful tips to get notice — I don’t blame you. You want readers. Who doesn’t? It’s the whole point of doing a blog.

Ah-ha! Doing a blog!! Let’s broaden the writer’s repetition and expand it to writing for personal use like in a diary. That writing is not about having a reader and/or seeking approval. It’s about pouring deep seeded thoughts that you “feel” safe to share within the confines of a “secret place.” And, if there is a sought in approval, it’s for acceptance of self. We were created to connect. Connection with self goes a long way, especially in writing. I remember Cristan stating that we have to flush out the idea before we blog about it; he then goes on to further explain how to make our blogs more interesting. Flushing out an idea is seeing, fully, why you want to write about it. Whatever has impressed you to move forward is the connection needed to self and the idea.

So, if you’re like me out there and you find yourself running into yourself (ALL OF YOU WHO DON’T WANT TO ADMIT IT … ADMIT IT RIGHT NOW lol) you will be okay! There’s nothing new under the sun. Every idea has been thought of expressed in songs, poetry, blogging, books, etc. Be and stay encourage that you are unique and the value of your angle is just as important as anyone else!

IQ … Should We Believe?

Image result for Iq
Nerve Wrecking?

Have you ever wondered what your IQ was? Have you ever taken a test to see what number you were and once you found out had some type of reaction to it? Did you agree or disagree? Why or why not? It’s amazing to go from preschool to 12th grade (possibly college if you were encouraged to do so) and still doubt where you fit in the world. Doubt. A very strong word to use. We doubt a lot of things but unwilling to admit we do.

Who wants to be told you’re dumb or imbecilic to figure out the basics? I know for sure I don’t. There is a misconception that writers are smart. I don’t think so. We face those grammar errors constantly. It’s like the screaming run-on sentence waits for a comma, semicolon and/or period. Creativity doesn’t make us smart. It makes us creative. I know, but there has to be some type of intellect to come up with these ideas to expound upon. And that thought would be correct, but what if a person’s desire to write doesn’t match the IQ of a writer? Meaning, he or she desires to write, have topics on top of topics and cannot formulate one sentence? It’s obvious that honing any craft takes practice as well as desire.

I wrote a blog that spoke about my comprehension. I suuuuucked (lol). I don’t have a problem admitting I had a struggle. Still do. It’s my truth, and I work on it all the time. Writing came as a result (well, blogging I should say) of trying to write poetry; though, I don’t like calling it poetry. Poetry makes my writing seem limited. That’s no put down to those who write poetry. It’s a beautiful talent. It’s warm and inviting. It takes a great amount of skill to be able to rhyme. That is given much due respect within itself! For me, I write in verse. In my book “A Mirror’s Reflection: Beyond the Veil” I wrote in verse. My readers told me they didn’t know they were going to read this type of writing but I pointed out it’s not really poetry. The book is about being a mirror that reflects. I reflect “Jealousy” so I wrote about it, but I also reflect “About Time” which talks about a man’s view of classless women.

Image result for Iq
Speaks 4 Itself

Do I believe what I’ve learned about my IQ? Yes and no. I rated highly intelligent but didn’t do any further research to know what I’m intelligent in. Truthfully, it isn’t that important to me. I know people who place much on these studies. They live by it. Perhaps, knowing yourself is taking a good hard look in the mirror (of your mind) and allowing the truth to make you free!

Order your copy by clicking the link:

Tomorrow’s Yesterday

Are you a plan-a-holic trying, daily, to be one step ahead? Praying desperately to always have things in alignment so that success (achievement of some sort) defeats in inkling of failure? Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves, not so much for accomplishment sake, but because we lose track of what’s going on. Doesn’t seem possible especially when we are following the regiment of routine. Routine reminds us where we are and what needs to be done that day. The only mishap of such cases … you still lose track! How frustrating it can be.

Why is “tomorrow’s yesterday” so important? Why bother to even address something of the sort? Can you see its existence? Well, we as writers understand something unique. OK! I have to be fair. People who have that innate ability each have an approach to seeing (visually, creatively) the glass that is half empty filled to the brim and overflowing. We tend toward being able to pinpoint the unimaginative; exploring the impossible; explaining the enigmas. Its simplicity liken to Edison creating the light bulb because he wanted something that could sustain the radiance of light. I know! That wasn’t simple. It took him time, mindset of probability and looking beyond the veil to cross the finish line. But that is the key to what I’m talking about. When “sidetracked” happens it doesn’t take away from what we do. It doesn’t even set us back like some may believe. Actually — it affords the opportunity to chuckle thinking today is Friday when it’s only Thursday (I thought yesterday was Thursday lol) and it gives the writing idea to reach out to my fellow humankind to, yet again, point out our tie!

Good Like Medicine

I notice I write about this … a lot! I mean, a lot! There’s something about connection that prompts me to delve into my everyday! I wake-up, sleep, write, sing, play, wonder the constant of we are one! I’m proud to be related to every nationality there is. It just dawned on me that I’m related to the President (lol). Well, some of us know our ABCs 123s and some of us are learning how to crawl (lol). I guess, in its final analysis, I will keep hope and praying in my momentary “tomorrow’s yesterdays” I can meet people like the President and help them learn …. something!!