A Mass of Confusion Can Lead to Splendid Clarity

When a dream is not just a dream but a dream within a dream …

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I hope you read that sentence and the famous “HUH?!” came to mind lol. That’s what I was feeling yesterday morning. I woke up around 130 AM having a dream that I dreamt. I would get into detail, but why bore you with such “rhetoric”?

Well, it’s not rhetoric but I figured would someone else understand what it’s like to be “gifted” and dream that you were “seeing”? Does this question make sense? (lol) The tendency popped in. I shared it with my Dad to see if he could understand what in the world I was talking about. Yeah, he just laughed.

Okay, I can see already this is turning into a mass of confusion.

I know you’ve been there. You know what you want to say; have an idea of how to say it — suddenly the words slip right outta your head (LMBO). Maybe I’m alone in this one. All I know is, in the past, I’ve had dreams where I knew I was asleep but the vividness of the “seeing” (pictures of the future) was phenomenal.

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So, let’s end with the beginning. A ‘mass of confusion lost in rhetoric’ happens to us all. I mean, come on here. Maybe because I haven’t reached perfection in blogging; or talking, period lol. I’m not sure. It can be any number of things. ……… I see (understand) it clearly right now and this is a word of wisdom to those whose attention span sucks …


I just figured out a write to write ….. Hmmm … maybe through confusion comes clear ideas!!

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A Writer’s Write

A MUST read all the way to the end!

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Idea after idea after idea! I’m sure there is always something to talk, or in our world, write about. Which leads me to this question. Is there such a thing as writing about writing? This, perhaps, can stem from those who help other bloggers (writers) formulate their ideas and make a clear message for our audience. Yet, in this very moment I’m feeling as though writing is becoming about writing.

Lately, I’ve had to experience some crucial rude awakenings and, admit, frustration’s peace appears allusive. First question: how can frustration be peaceful? Second, how can it be allusive? Great questions by the way (lol). The second question actually explains the first. The suggestion (or allusion) being made is that my rude awakenings have brought troubling truths that I can’t avoid. I’ve tried to, but circumstances won’t let me. So, frustration has a peace because of settling on what needs to be done. Still unclear? I love it. Well, writing about writing! My mind is clouded with complexities of trees, fans, clothes, lions and rain, and I’ve set to write a blog about writing. But you’ve gotta keep reading ….

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A Sharpener SHARPENS

It’s rather nerve wrecking for me to write. I find joy and displeasure most times. The preceding paragraph is purposely written (somewhat) in a mass of confusion though my mind is clear enough to jot these few lines. The complexity of a tree or fan, clothes, lions or even rain is that neither coincide with each other. There in lies the clarity! I KNEW they didn’t! Why “three paragraphs” later? Because sometimes the point …. no, isn’t that why we write in the first place? We have something we want to convey to our audience (the ideas). This place is a place to spread our wings and fly effortlessly within, what we firmly believe, to be our pilot. We are driven to blog; for most everyday. A tendency to share what we have on a page because that “ability” drives us no matter what to complete the task even if we’re talking about cell phone towers and a cup-0-noodles in the same story.

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You’re My JUST ONE!

I’m still wondering if I have one reader. I think I do. Oh, and by the way, I’ve thanked you before and thanking you again millions of times over! Oh yes! I wrote about that JUST ONE! That’s all it really takes. Sure, I, like anyone else, would love to touch the world, but if my audience is JUST ONE — Thank you in abundance! You are more important to me than I could ever explain to you! What appears to be beginning’s rhetoric is the idea to a mind that becomes scattered yet reaches a direction along the way. It’s, likely, feasible to wait until an idea is “clear” but I want to show how you can still press through an overcrowded mind and flow! And thus you get … A Writer’s Write!