KATch-UP Mondays: Texas’ Massacre Brought Down Three

The gunman who took out two people was too much! Isn’t interesting that the security was strapped and ready to go? It’s not shocking that most people are preparing themselves to living in this world! Yes! Living in this world. We are faced with some crazy folk out here. Hmmm, it begs to question though … should we all be strapped, too?

Texas pastor says he knew and helped the gunman before the shooting

By Eric LevensonKonstantin Toropin and Amir Vera, CNN

Updated 11:11 PM ET, Mon December 30, 2019

White Settlement, Texas (CNN)The senior minister at West Freeway Church of Christ said Monday he knew the gunman who killed two people inside the sanctuary Sunday.

Britt Farmer spoke at a community vigil outside of his church in White Settlement on Monday night. He honored both victims, Anton “Tony” Wallace and Richard White, whom he called his best friend. The congregation held a private worship service inside the sanctuary to pray for their fallen church members.

Farmer discussed ministering to the gunman, Keith Thomas Kinnunen, on more than one occasion, even stating the 43-year-old had visited his church in the past.”I had seen him. I had visited with him. I had given him food. I had offered him food at other occasions that he had been to our building,” Farmer said.Texas church security team member who shot gunman had ‘eyes’ on the man as soon as he walked into the room Farmer also issued a statement Monday night thanking the community, law enforcement and politicians for their support. “Quickly after this tragedy, there were people from this community who went into action to aid us, the West Freeway Church of Christ,” Farmer said. “We want to express our deepest thanks to you for your love, your prayers and support.”

Farmer also urged people to pray for the victims’ families and the family of the shooter.”We also ask that you pray for the perpetrator’s family and those who may have been affected by his loss. Our hearts are not lost in that as well,” he said. “We want this community to know that we’re strong, but we want to be strong for them and all those who come into our midst that we can wrap our arms of love around them.

“Funds have been set up to help with funeral costs and meals for the victims’ families, Farmer said.

Texas church security team member who shot gunman had 'eyes' on the man as soon as he walked into the room

One of the victims was a deacon of the church … The two men killed in the shooting at Texas church Sunday were members of the church’s security team, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Monday.

Wallace, 64, was from Fort Worth and White, 67, was from River Oaks, according to a statement released by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Anton "Tony" Wallace
Anton “Tony” Wallace

Wallace was a deacon and longtime congregant of the church. “He always wanted us to be in the church, he was always my role model,” Wallace’s daughter, Sarah Wallace, told CNN. “We just say God wanted him more than we did. They couldn’t handle his perfectness here. “The men were two of multiple members of the church security team who responded to the gunman. However, Paxton said the head of security, Jack Wilson, was the only person who shot at Kinnunen, and he fired just once. The shot killed the gunman. Along with being the head of security, Wilson is a former reserve deputy sheriff who is a firearms instructor, Paxton said.

Continue reading this fascinating story … https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/30/us/texas-church-shooting-monday/index.html

A Silent Killer

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This graphic to your right is genius! I think it speaks to the millions who suffer across the globe. Drink water? Don’t drink water? Crazy to think that this is even a struggle, but researchers show that 75 to 80% of America fall short. How can this be? What in the world is our problem as a whole? I’m sure we’ve all heard stories of other countries which have a shortage in water, and here we take it for granted. So, maybe, I should have titled this with something like “Taking the Small Essentials for Granted,” or “America! We Don’t Have Too Because We’re Free!” Begs to question ~ are we taking water for granted; are we stuck in the “American Dream” of freedom to do what the hell we want?

CBS reports that while most people know perfectly well that water is the way to go, up to 75 percent of the American population fall short of the 10 daily cups prescribed by the Institute of Medicine – which, in medical terms, means that most people in the U.S are functioning in a chronic state of dehydration.Jul 3, 2013

A dear friend of mine had been suffering stomach pain for several months. He thought it was either a gas bubble or something eaten that needed to be removed from his diet. One day he called, I believe, on his lunch break while pulling up to some food and/or drink place to order a slushy. I heard the lady on the intercom ask, “Sir, would you like a small, medium or large?” He was getting ready to say a medium to large but I chimed loudly, “SMALL!” I knew he didn’t even need the small do to extenuating circumstances. So, he ordered the small but, unfortunately, the pain worsened. A couple of weeks later my little brother called asking me how my friend was doing. I told him I wasn’t sure because we hadn’t spoken in a few. He says, “Sis, he was in the hospital! It was on Facebook.”

I texted my friend to see how he was. He couldn’t talk at the time but texted stating it wasn’t good. He called me a few days later telling me he almost died! My mouth dropped. The doctor told him he was completely dehydrated! He needed two IV bags. His kidneys were working overtime due to the dehydration and, on top of that, he’s a type 2 diabetic.

Pour a glass, please

A few years ago other brother was telling me about a nutritionist friend mentioning that any time you feel thirsty that means you’re already dehydrated. Summer months are dog eat dog. Depending on where you’re located, I gather the thought is you don’t need to drink that much water, but dehydration doesn’t know seasons. Even when the weather is cold as an iceberg you need water! Hydration is a huge part of our living. We (adults) are made up of about 60% of water. That is a significant amount.

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.

I hope this encourages you to put down the soft drinks, teas, coffee, wine, SLUSHY, etc., and pick up a tasty glass of water! It’s dire for you and those you love!