Block the Block — “And, Then What?”

This is so sad when a person is at a lost for words and is a writer 🤦‍♀️ but the issue of inspiration is not the problem this time. It’s more on how to start this blog.

How do you start writing the idea if it escapes you? Are you, like me, honest to say writer’s block is your friend (in the moment) and you have mechanisms to cope with the block? One of my tendencies is to walk away for the moment, praying earnestly, the idea will come. I’m, even, willing to admit rhetoric fills my brain and I just sit and type … seems like what I’m doing now 🤷‍♀️ but, thankfully, it has lead me to the idea.

When all else has failed and you’ve tried (experienced) everything there is to experience — then discovery comes — no more block! No more heartache! I’ve achieved my goal in whatever I was trying to accomplish. After all was said and done…. “And, Then What” happens …

And, Then What?

From grade school to achieving goals to live life
Success in singlehood or a husband taking a wife
Working hard from day to day
Being with loved ones for special holidays
Singing, laughing; the occasional sorrow and tears
Precious moments experienced every year
These simple notations, to everyone, clear-cut
But a question remains ... "And, Then What?"
The powerful question answered with rhetoric
Covers to prove methods of "cleverness"
Kind of sad to realize the limitations in planning
Showing the emptiness of life regardless of understanding
Are you able to grasp the point to the writing's angle?
Life is as vapor, chasing the wind, leaving us entangled
Entangled in thinking; pressing ahead
But after accomplishment a looming dread
The dread is: eventually we get to the "but"
Conjunction is the suggestion ... "And, Then What?"
Anguished! Confused! Still don't get it? 
A world allowed choices which end in transmit
Think about it ...
We're going to leave this earth 
Even leaving a supposed legacy will lose its worth
Legacies are based on people passing on a history
Otherwise, a forgotten path taken with no inquiry
Millions dying, being born - all at the same time
An unstoppable evolution to everyday grind
Family, friends, politicians ... enemies
Get it -- we are generations of specialties
Legends in time like Thomas Edison
And the scientists of this time bettering our medicines
It's the world's epidemic 
People of skill academically
Strange to believe ...
One day my generation will completely be gone
And, maybe, some positive deposits that will live on
Important to establish whatever the strive it's ultimately a connective
Good or bad is the person's directive 
The touchy subject in belief to a life hereafter
Either way ~ there is a thought to capture
Be it resolved no matter your rebut
The  question will remain ... "And, Then What?"

Tweaked Exert by Katherine Matthews

Blog Fridays: “A Blog in Song”

Are you thinking, “How is this even possible?” Great! Fantastic! Blogging is a part of showing our artistic side, right? So, since music is an area I “dabble” in – what better way than to present to you ‘A Blog in Song.’

I’ve kept this idea under wraps for quite some time. I was trying to think of the right time to post it and figured, “Hey, why not now?!” (smile). It’s always good to try to end things on a happy note; an encourage of some sort because you know you have the weekend and many days ahead filled with … life!

Image result for music sheet of bach

Music is also a way to express what we’re thinking. If you know anything about sheet music there are various types of terms used to describe dynamics. As in this piece to your left, you have rests, whole and quarter notes, crescendo, mezzo forte and staccato. You, perhaps, have no clue what these terms mean, but I assure you they are parts of speech used to bring a song to life!

Why do you think a story line in a movie or TV show make you happy, sad, scared — it’s the music played behind the scenes. They’re interpreting what your emotions should display at that moment. It gets you every time. Well, at least it should if it’s a movie (TV show) worthwhile.

I have selected 3 songs and have placed them in a story like setting. I hope they speak to you as they have me, and you find yourself enjoying this melodious blog.

Anastasia’s — Journey To The Past

Aquaman’s — Everything I Need

Bicentennial Man’s — Then You Look At Me

Blogger’s Digest: Reading

This book by John Green was quite an enjoyment. As I walked through Barnes and Nobles looking for a gift I came across this book. Guess what and why it caught my attention. I recall one of our faithful helpful bloggers stating that titles must capture attention. Enticement draws or repels. Sidebar: rather unusual that it repels. We understand that temptation can get any of us in a heap of trouble. I tell people a lot, “Just because I can do a thing doesn’t mean I should.” But I digress …

This novel of Katherines was quite the intrigue. Consuming each chapter seemed easier than counting. I laughed. I gasped. I learned. I savored every twist offered. Years ago, I wasn’t an avid reader. Reading? Huh! Yeah right! Not me. It was only a few years back that reading became fulfilling. This book is actually the first book I’ve ever read for leisure. I’m pretty stoked about that! What book(s) have inspired you to become a blogger? It’s the reason behind the title. We as bloggers write so that others will “digest” our words.

I can’t think of the blogger’s name who takes the time to lend a hand (he has over a 1k followers I believe), but I thank him for his help. I’ll never become “professional” at blog life. However, I will keep trying to perfect what I offer. And, as I said in another blog, if I can get one reader … I’m not doing to bad!

By the way …. if you hadn’t figured out why the title of this book captured me … it has my name. What are the chances to find a book that has your name and spells it exactly how you spell yours? lol