The Invisible Seen

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What would it take for someone to believe that there is a God? Only ONE! Jehovah is just one of His names. It baffles me that we have so many things surrounding us that proves His existence and still fall short to believe. What causes such things? When you see the rainbow what is the first thing that come to mind? I assume you’ve heard the story of how it came to be. The story of Noah. A promise given to him by God that He wouldn’t destroy the earth again by water (but by fire next time). Just think, the bow of 7 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo {purple}, violet) appears because water droplets break white sunlight into those reflected. Now admit, that is pretty cool.

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It’s quite amazing that back in 1981 the first launch of the space shuttle occurred. Can you believe this allowed man to walk on the moon. But what’s more amazing than that is the shiny ball of fire burning constantly warming our planet, powers our weather and water cycle making it possible for plants to grow. And, yet, we cannot travel there. We capture pictures of its look but will never be able to come close to. Besides, its distance is closer to us than the stars.

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The beauty of the Grand Canyon in Colorado. How in the world did this big “hole” in the earth form? This is hard to fathom but over 6 million years ago the eastern and western portions of the canyon connected allowing the river to flow all the way through; eventually, the water started carving through layers of volcanic rock and sediment making it 277 miles long. Purely awesome!

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The Sahara Desert! There is something about this desert that fascinates me. Where in the world did all this sand come from, lol? It was created 7 million years ago as remnants of a vast sea called Tethys closed up. The movement of tectonic plates (a massive irregularly shaped slab of solid rock generally composed of continental and oceanic lithosphere {regions of earth’s crust and upper mantle that are fractured into plates}) created the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps which also sparked drying out what we, now, see as the Sahara Desert. All of this seems insane. But, once again, leaves a person in complete awe!

How can’t you or I not believe? Perhaps, ONCE AGAIN, taking a look in the mirror at yourself. He created Adam and Eve and all these years later … here we are. I can’t begin to fathom there being 6 million years ago when I only know a few; yet, my God must be eternal (though wrapping my mind around it remains difficult) because look at all to see!

The Bleeding Beat Down

Ever wonder why life continues to beat you down when you’re already under a heavy load? I’ve oftentimes wondered, “Uuuuh, I’m already beneath the ground. I can’t go any lower. Even hell can’t accept me {assuming that is, literally, the lowest we could ever go} ’cause I’m not dead yet.” (lol). Now, this is just my take on it (that just came to me) ~ the beat down we suffer is, we have something to live for; a refinement, if you will, to endure because the best is coming! Just think, when people kill themselves they conclude there’s nothing else to keep them going. Life has beat them down so to the point that “What else do I have?” And, they are right to a degree. Sometimes the stripping away can bring you to the lowest of lows. That wonder of if there is such a thing as a “head above water” existence! We PERSEVERE because we BELIEVE there is another tomorrow and DECIDE I can make it! Notice, I didn’t say tomorrow will get better. The indication is that there is … something!! Rather it be family, friends, hopes, dreams, etc. … we press! My attribution is, and will forever be, to God! I NEED His help! I CANNOT do this by myself. Life beats me down to the point where my tears have become the imprints of my character. But it isn’t so! After the bleeding heart empties I, somehow, get back up! That’s gotta be God. I’m just sayin’.

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