A Guaranteed Love?

Lyrics: Love, exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you. Love, life sweetest rewards. Let it flow. It floats back to you. Love boat! Soon we’ll be making another run. The love boat promises something for everyone. Set a course for adventure; your mind on a new romance. Love, won’t hurt anymore. It’s an open smile on a friendly shore. Yes, love! Welcome aboard it’s love! ……………..A course for adventure where love is going to happen? Now, who wouldn’t want a guarantee like that? I’d gather everyone. There are times we get so caught up that we forget about our deepest and greatest desire. We lose focus on the bigger thing because if you don’t work you don’t eat; can’t pay a bill; can’t make a comfortable life for self let alone loved ones. We need love! All things without love is like an empty corpse left out in the wilderness rotting away.

I’ve been into watching romantic comedies and have the slightest clue why (lol). They’re pleasurable insomuch that, hopefully, I’ll laugh. And, likely because of personal experiences, I like to see how the relationship will start, explode and possibly make-up. For instance, I watched Divorce Invitations about a young woman traumatized by divorce. She was raised by her grandparents because her parents split just before her birth. She gets engaged to her boyfriend of 4 to 7 months. Asks him to sign a prenup which he doesn’t read. This prenup, maybe 15 pages long (lol) has a contingency clause stating if either one wants a divorce they would have to have a divorce ceremony. All who attended the wedding had to be invited; at least 10% had to show. The tux and bridal gown had to be worn and both speak at the ceremony. The one requesting divorce must divulge why they wanted it!

Well, every movie theme has a reason for it. The interesting twists make the movie funny. Tell me what you think ….!!

The Kid in You

Good afternoon fellow friends! Such a delight to write today. I was thinking, as I’m sitting here getting ready to watch an episode of the Teen Titans Go! show, that there’s this inner kid that each of us has. It’s a calming place that allows us to “escape” into “joy”. Now, this would not work if your childhood wasn’t all that great. Yet, isn’t it interesting we all have a place, that place where we wonder off to bask in the glow of peace and tranquility? To have the joy happy time we seek for? The episode which plays is called “The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even While It Was Day.” Insanely long title, but the gist of the four parted episode is about escaping into a world that rids the “blah” feeling. They sing a song The Night Begins To Shine by B.E.R an 80’s hit song. The song has magic that brings adventure relieving the feeling of the blah.

Let the kid in you BE! In other words, we all need a moment to “escape” into a mental place that will strengthen us through the everyday “blah” days!