What Blog Posts' are Looking Like in 2020

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Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist

I believe that if you want to have success in the present you must anticipate the future. No crystal ball required.

Why? Because you want to sniff out trends to ride them. If you only act on what’s already happening, you’re getting sidetracked to second, third or even worse, fourth place. Like driving a Ferrari with two feet slammed on the brakes. Screeeech.

So, how can one even try to predict how content marketing, in this case blog writing, will look in the future ? Well, we have to remember the fundamental laws:

  • Nature is lazy, hence, we’re lazy. We want maximum results with minimum effort.
  • Content in the future will be based on this principle: Consume the maximum amount of content with minimum effort,  whatever, whenever, wherever we want.

The following predictions represent my opinion and not the truth, so if there’s a time traveler from the future in the audience, don’t eliminate me with your ray gun because my predictions didn’t all come true in 2020. Cool?

Let’s roll.  Six possible futures of the blog post in 2020:

1) High-end, low-end blogging styles.

I believe the normal 500 – 1000 word blog posts will enter oblivion because content will serve one of the two emerging reader camps:

Snippet readers — According to FastCompany, Facebook updates make for the most memorable writing. Strange, but it makes sense. With the ever-increasing battle for attention, people crave minimalistic, write-it-like-you-say-it content. Mini-blog posts that can be consumed like fast food, not rich in nutrition, but they give you the essentials.

Long-form essay readers — On the other site we’ll larger sized articles (1000 – 7000 words and more). These are going to be evergreen, in-depth articles, almost mini ebooks, that require more sitting and attention but reward you with more brain nutrition (aka valuable information!). They can be offered for a minimal fee, let’s say .99 cents or 2 dollars (think Kindle-single) or will be infrequently published in longer time intervals.

2) Mobile optimized content psychology.

I’m not talking responsive design and bigger fonts. I mean writing specifically for the mobile person in mind.

In Japan for example, cellphone novels are all the rage. They are romance and paranormal based stories in messaging style, created in a way that makes them readable on the go. Smirk all you want, but these sell up to 400,000 units per digi-novel. Even if you don’t plan on writing e-novels, this comes with mass inspiration for possible blogging ideas :

One thought one paragraph. Wayyy more white space to allow eyes to breathe. Simpler structure and bite-sized chapters so people can read between breaks / commute / waiting. And even more white space.

America’s best-selling fiction author James Patterson already implements this style.  Maybe we should too.

3) Real time blogging.

This is the old model: Write a blog post, publish it, share on social media, wait for comments = clumsy and time-consuming. In the future, live blogging could be the alternative.

A content creator could say: Real time blogging from me, every Monday and Thursday. At a specific time, people show up online and interact live with the creator.

Baratunde Thurston did something like this with his last book. Fans could go online and see the words on the screen as he was in the act of writing.

4) Co-created content creation (alliteration ahoy!)

Like the example above, the idea of the author writing “to” their audience will be outdated.  It’s going to be more of a dialogue. Mark Schaefer has often said the comment section on {grow} is better than the original posts. Well, now the comments can BE the post, as he could live-write a killer post, and YOU, the audience, could participate and share your info and expertise directly into it, in real-time. Think of it as valuable commenting live-embedded into the post.

5) True global blogging.

Most native English speakers don’t understand how few people in the world actually speak and understand English.

I live in the so-called European Startup hub Berlin, and even here most people can’t understand English that goes beyond High School level. Meh.

The advancement of online translation will change that. Every person with zero English skills will be able to instantly AND perfectly translate your blog post into their native tongue. And I mean perfectly, not awkward Google translate style.

Forget about only Europeans and North Americans commenting on your blog. The next comment will come from a Nepalese village girl that digs your article on advanced social media metrics.


6) Blog posts will be screen independent.

In a few years, people (including our future selves) will look back and laugh at our midget screens. In 2020, only savages will use static screens. Blog posts and digital content won’t be read on your portable screen, but everywhere “on” your surrounding.


Well, you use your micro-chip infused glasses (like Google Glasses) and / or contact lenses to project the required information straight into your environment. Walls, streets, storefronts, heck, even your car could be used as a background for your digitally projected content. Information is going to be (screen) free.

Do you see where all this is going?

In a few years the blog post you know and love will no longer exist. Au revoir.

Just like diary-like journaling turned into blogging, blogging will turn into a different content style that will fit our ever-changing attention span and habits.

Forget how people do content marketing now and focus on how it will be done in the future. It’s time to blog back to the future.

mars dorian

Mars Dorian describes himself as a creative marketeer with a moon-melting passion for human potential and technology. You can follow his adventures at www.marsdorian.com/

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We're Just Passing Through to Get to The Other Side — Jesus = Jesus!

Attending memorials and funerals really bring to light the REAL basis of our lives. It causes a surreal thought — we’re not going to always be here on Earth. On Saturday, January 11, I attended a memorial for a Pastor friend. He asked me to play. In his message he talked about a cousin of his had told him that her son asked where do people go after they die. He covered various explanations that people have given.

Some believe it to be eternal nothingness which is associated with religious skepticism and atheist. Jehovah Witnesses believe only 144,000 will go to heaven and the other people who obey God will live forever on a paradise earth. Scientologist believe the human body is regarded as similar to that of the of other religions; that at death, the spirit will leave the body but the life and the personality will go on.

It is a puzzling thought! The first law of man is self preservation so why or how could death come to get us?

The thought for the day is … THE WAY!! A few weeks ago I was speaking to my earthly Dad about something I realized during a reading in my devotion. “This entire life is about Jesus!” There’s no getting around it!

There are many who believe different things about different things but, at the end of it all, we will one day meet Jesus face to face. This is hard to believe for some of you out there because of your belief system. I understand. I decided to believe in the Holy Bible as the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth book; hearing a story about a man who walked the earth for a little over 3 decades that would die on a cross shedding His blood for people. He started the whole thing (Him being the Word that became flesh) and He’s going to finish it all!

We’re Just Passing Through to Get to The Other Side — Jesus = Jesus!” is just that. John 1:1-5 (King James Version) “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (2) The same was in the beginning with God. (3) All thing were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. (4) In him was life; and the life was the light of men. (5) And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended not.”

What is your thought about this concept? No matter your stance. I’d really love to hear your take on it.

KATch-UP Caught Up — Punching Bags at Its Finest

Image result for the punching bag

Hit the left. Now go right! Take the uppercut! Yes, you’re getting it!

The punching bag — a stuffed or inflated bag usually suspended for free movement and punched for exercise or training in boxing; one who is routinely abused or defeated by another. It is a sturdy bag designed to be repeatedly punched.

To be someone’s emotional punching bag or scape goat means that they use you to let out all of their emotions and take it out on you. If they have an especially bad day, they might get angry at you even though you didn’t do anything wrong or hurt them in any way. Nov 6, 2018

Today’s “motivational” thought is an outlook I’ve had for a great amount of years. The fulfillment of purpose, if you will. As I reflect it is apparent that I’ve been a “punching bag” in most cases: personal relationships, jobs, church, basic interactions with people. I will say for the sake of killing any melancholy notion ~ I’ve been blessed to have a few who see me as Katherine! A person! —

The specific part is the bag being DESIGNED to be repeatedly punched. It paints a clearer picture to today’s thought. Can it lead to abuse? Yes. But I’m not talking about abuse. Which causes me to think maybe I’m not a punching bag because I know how to “hit” back. Words can hurt more than a fist. Besides, I don’t use my fists — I need my hands to play piano (lol). I do have a way with words. Blogging … this is a rehearsed setting, sort of speak, to talk about varied topics. And then there’s the “writings” or poetry I write. The ambiguous clarity used to portray a thought; two sides to every coin but each side being as one!

A for instance (a repost) ….

Hmm, to take what is dished and retaliate with kindness? That’s a difficult one, but — isn’t that the role we, ultimately, have to learn how to play?

Blog Fridays: The "Footprints" That Matter …

Who wouldn’t want someone that can walk a mile in our shoes? Meaning, they understand those most tender sacred moments we encounter! We’d all like someone who understands every intricate detail about us. We have it! We just have to realize it!! Jesus has been there to help us whether every storm — even when it was a “good” moment. I know the thought may be that “Why would I need Jesus in a “good” moment? ….

Since He is the Way, the Truth and the Life it is best that He is with us in every experience we will face. I want to give Him thanks, not just when it’s bad, but also when it’s really good. If it wasn’t for the bad how could I understand any good. Even He said “Why do you call me good? There’s none good but one (Luke 18:19).

This encouragement is to remind you to set your heart/mind/soul on Christ! He is there! Remember the FOOTPRINTS that MATTER …

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Bloggers — Reset Your Mind: Overhauling Toxic Thoughts

Image result for detoxify your mind

This is a devotion I’m reading this week. Generally, I choose topics that can help my everyday; one in a few that are, merely, leisure. Being one who “try” to think things through I figured this may be a helpful tip. How? Great question. The notion in being a blogger is that we don’t deal with toxic thinking, but I assume differently. We’re not just bloggers. We’re living life everyday being faced with … life.

The truth is writing (as well as other avenues) are ways to detox; an outlet to share our thoughts. What if we were facing decades of toxic thinking? Would we be one to admit it … especially since we are bloggers? Hmm, I wonder!

Day one has hit me the most …

Mind Renovation

We’ve probably all heard how much our thoughts impact our lives. While theologians, leaders, authors, self-help gurus, and CEOs may have different viewpoints about life and politics, most agree that our thoughts are incredibly important and dictate the trajectory of our lives. Take a look at some popular quotes:

  • “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” — Henry Ford
  • “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” — Teddy Roosevelt
  • “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” — Marcus Aurelius
  • “Our thoughts make us what we are.” — Dale Carnegie

The Apostle Paul challenges us at the beginning of Romans 12 to “not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” The Greek word for the word renewing is anakainosis and it literally means renovation. So, according to this verse, our transformation occurs when our mind undergoes a renovation.

We know that a renovation happens when someone wants to change the appearance of their home or business. Maybe it’s because something is broken or damaged or perhaps it just needs to be updated. A mind renovation is similar.

What kind of renovation does your mind need?

Maybe you’re still focused on the broken damaged thoughts you’ve been thinking for years. It could be that you’ve been playing an outdated recording in your mind that someone said to you during your childhood. Do you find yourself constantly complaining? Is it easier for you to fixate on the things that could go wrong in your life? Are you jealous and envious of others and how their lives seem better than yours? Do you feel overwhelmed and defeated by how you view yourself?

Whether we usually have a positive outlook on life or we struggle every day with what our minds obsess over, we could all use some guidance when it comes to our thoughts. Often, we refer to unwanted thoughts as negative or bad, but what they really are is toxic.

While many of our thoughts may not have much value, plenty do. Some are incredible thoughts that impact others for the better, while many of our thoughts are bent toward the negative. So, it’s true that we can’t change every thought that needs changing, we can think about our thoughts and attempt to change the ones that are toxic.


  • Think about your most common thoughts. How do they make your feel?
  • In what area of your thought life do you need a renovation?

I hope this was helpful in some type of way! I look forward to sharing some other tips of reflection in the near present future!!

The New Year NEEDS a Reminder, Again & Again & ….

Image result for remind me to remember

Good morning to you all! This repost I am using is so vitally important to me. I, like many of you (supposedly) want to be of some type of encouragement; an aide in some sort of way to other human beings. It supposed to be our way of living. Gosh! It is so sad the destructive people we encounter! It’s like their behavior must always be on guard.

Yesterday’s post really got to me. When I seen it on the news my heart just broke! What possess anyone to shoot in a church? Biased sounds like. But it isn’t. What possess anyone to shoot up any church, school, shopping store? What is the world coming to? I fear what can only be what is spoken in Revelation’s of the destruction that awaits! It should scare all of us and those to come.

So, this repost is about a miracle! We need to be reminded that there is good in the world. Someone is being changed. Someone is being healed and delivered from something horrific; even the faintest thing that may get you down. Here is a reminder! Believe it because no one can do it like Jesus!! …

By Katherine Matthews