Happy Friday — The 30 Best Lifestyle Bloggers

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February 7, 2020. Good afternoon. I was thinking about the whole blog scene, again, and thought about the hottest bloggers to follow. We all need inspiration and these bloggers have it!

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What is Common is Not What is Common 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤣

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"Should I go when the light turns green?"
"Is a phone used to make calls?"
"Will I be able to tell time with this watch?"
Too obvious?
Of course not!
Consider this ... 
We face people who can't tell the difference between a dog and candle
Each can light up a room
Both can put a smile on your face
Both can make you feel all warm and cozy inside
Seems realistic ~ however ...
The one sitting on your nightstand won't ever bark!!
Maybe it's high time when we accept the oxymoron in people
"The candle barked while the dog flickered as a flame"
Pure ridiculous but, amazingly, true

A Thought by Katherine Matthews

What Trademarks Do You Possess?

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The way you move
The way you sooth 
The way you make my heart flutter
The way you thrill
The way you still
Behold a soul tie's cover
It is the impact of your speech
Beseeching my every desire
Echos are the heartbeat of your tenderness
And met with all devour
A budding flower, now, in full bloom
I, we ... be consumed
We pace gracefully becoming one
You're done! I'm done
As the glistening sun warms our silent moments
Enjoyment after enjoyment
Completed disappointment
Kindled is the start to every spark
But imprints are the lasting impressions turned into trademarks

Written by Katherine Matthews

Impression – The Power of Your Absence

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The residue of the race swept us away
It left something in the air
A sense that has grabbed hold and still lingers
Our impressions can leave: fear, hopelessness and even belief
Belief in the idea "No, I can't!" "Why even try?" or ... "Yes, I can!"
It is said, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
Does it?
The power in your presence, essentially, determines the power of your absence

A Thought by Katherine Matthews

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These chest-opening yoga moves ‘flush out’ your lungs for more open breathing — City Women & co

Hmm, Does Being Able to Question Maturity Make You Mature?

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"Questionable Maturity" means masked?
Hidden through tasks?
Appeared intelligence; consideration
Resulted devastation 'cause the truth far from the scene
Selfishness's glean
Look beyond
What is spawned is someone else
Shelf yourself
Delve into what it means 
Maybe you're a follower's King
Taking and being lead is sacrifice
It's part of what was and is Christ
Coming into full growth is a golden opportunity
But, first, one must realize the "Questionable Maturity"

A Thought by Katherine Matthews

Please, tell me your thoughts — Does this statement about maturity ring true? Many question a person’s maturity but without sufficient amount of information; usually done with a certain amount of arrogance. I wonder … I’m up to questioning something’s maturity based off their tended responses. Is the answer conclusive or should I dig deeper?!

By all means …. share

If At First You Don’t Succeed — Did You Even Try?

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. - Albert Einstein
What is a mistake?
An action or judgment that is misguided or wrong
Who wants to do that?
Folk want to be right all the time
Is there something wrong with such a concept?
We should be right
But what if we are left?
Left with the concept that our wrong was right because we switched the two
If not, even better
It is better to right a wrong than to never have erred before
For the errors we make are the lessons needed for growth
But what's more scary ....
"To error is human"
The last time I checked ... NONE of us our God

A Thought by Katherine Matthews