Hmm, Does Being Able to Question Maturity Make You Mature?

Image result for considering others "
"Questionable Maturity" means masked?
Hidden through tasks?
Appeared intelligence; consideration
Resulted devastation 'cause the truth far from the scene
Selfishness's glean
Look beyond
What is spawned is someone else
Shelf yourself
Delve into what it means 
Maybe you're a follower's King
Taking and being lead is sacrifice
It's part of what was and is Christ
Coming into full growth is a golden opportunity
But, first, one must realize the "Questionable Maturity"

A Thought by Katherine Matthews

Please, tell me your thoughts — Does this statement about maturity ring true? Many question a person’s maturity but without sufficient amount of information; usually done with a certain amount of arrogance. I wonder … I’m up to questioning something’s maturity based off their tended responses. Is the answer conclusive or should I dig deeper?!

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