KATch-UP Caught Up — Punching Bags at Its Finest

Image result for the punching bag

Hit the left. Now go right! Take the uppercut! Yes, you’re getting it!

The punching bag — a stuffed or inflated bag usually suspended for free movement and punched for exercise or training in boxing; one who is routinely abused or defeated by another. It is a sturdy bag designed to be repeatedly punched.

To be someone’s emotional punching bag or scape goat means that they use you to let out all of their emotions and take it out on you. If they have an especially bad day, they might get angry at you even though you didn’t do anything wrong or hurt them in any way. Nov 6, 2018

Today’s “motivational” thought is an outlook I’ve had for a great amount of years. The fulfillment of purpose, if you will. As I reflect it is apparent that I’ve been a “punching bag” in most cases: personal relationships, jobs, church, basic interactions with people. I will say for the sake of killing any melancholy notion ~ I’ve been blessed to have a few who see me as Katherine! A person! —

The specific part is the bag being DESIGNED to be repeatedly punched. It paints a clearer picture to today’s thought. Can it lead to abuse? Yes. But I’m not talking about abuse. Which causes me to think maybe I’m not a punching bag because I know how to “hit” back. Words can hurt more than a fist. Besides, I don’t use my fists — I need my hands to play piano (lol). I do have a way with words. Blogging … this is a rehearsed setting, sort of speak, to talk about varied topics. And then there’s the “writings” or poetry I write. The ambiguous clarity used to portray a thought; two sides to every coin but each side being as one!

A for instance (a repost) ….

Hmm, to take what is dished and retaliate with kindness? That’s a difficult one, but — isn’t that the role we, ultimately, have to learn how to play?

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