Better Sweet Than Sorry

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Hands down … if you know of anyone who is innovative and work in some sort of electrical something tell them to create the smell’o’blog (lol). That would be … sweeeeeeet! Don’t you just wish you can grab one of these sweet potato cookie like slices? Yelp! You do!

A discussion breaks out around the dinner table that grandma’s sweet potato pie is the best ever made on earth whereas Cost Co’s pumpkin pie does pretty well when you’re looking for the right bight size. So, which is best: the pumpkin or sweet potato pie?

Image result for costco pumpkin pie

Take a look at them. Each look scrumptious in their own way. Both slices, especially if warm, can just melt in your mouth. Yummy in the tummy type stuff. Look at the size of that Cost Co pumpkin pie. It’s huge, huh?! I guess you’re wondering why I’m referring to Cost Co’s pie. Well, I don’t know anyone who knows how to make the pumpkin pie; at least it being delicious enough to mention (lol).

Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and have nine times as much sugar per cup, as well as five times more calories than pumpkin however, they are also higher in fiber, potassium, vitamins A and C, iron and calcium. Pumpkin, although not as sweet, is clearly the “low-carb” option.

Shocking fact isn’t it?!

I’m not sure if you’ve gathered which one I like most! It’s right there. Smell the aroma, figuratively (lol) and guess that …………. potato is the best!!!

Guess which one I am

Image result for pumpkin and sweet potato pie mixed together

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