A Mass of Confusion Can Lead to Splendid Clarity

When a dream is not just a dream but a dream within a dream …

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I hope you read that sentence and the famous “HUH?!” came to mind lol. That’s what I was feeling yesterday morning. I woke up around 130 AM having a dream that I dreamt. I would get into detail, but why bore you with such “rhetoric”?

Well, it’s not rhetoric but I figured would someone else understand what it’s like to be “gifted” and dream that you were “seeing”? Does this question make sense? (lol) The tendency popped in. I shared it with my Dad to see if he could understand what in the world I was talking about. Yeah, he just laughed.

Okay, I can see already this is turning into a mass of confusion.

I know you’ve been there. You know what you want to say; have an idea of how to say it — suddenly the words slip right outta your head (LMBO). Maybe I’m alone in this one. All I know is, in the past, I’ve had dreams where I knew I was asleep but the vividness of the “seeing” (pictures of the future) was phenomenal.

Image result for a blurred clarity

So, let’s end with the beginning. A ‘mass of confusion lost in rhetoric’ happens to us all. I mean, come on here. Maybe because I haven’t reached perfection in blogging; or talking, period lol. I’m not sure. It can be any number of things. ……… I see (understand) it clearly right now and this is a word of wisdom to those whose attention span sucks …


I just figured out a write to write ….. Hmmm … maybe through confusion comes clear ideas!!

Image result for a blurred clarity

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