KATch-UP Mondays: “Just Because I’m Black … Means What, Exactly?”

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s start with the first line ‘ladies and gentlemen.’ It breaks all barriers acknowledging, invites and welcoming ALL of man kind. This may not hit a nerve for you but as an African American person this subject is quite sensitive.

Last week for Blog Fridays I did a blog on songs. I hope you read it. It was and is quite inspiring. Yet, I carefully noted something as I ended the blog. I noticed the song choices were all of people who are not my race. Color. Some may be shocked that I didn’t. I mean, how can I be in music and not use something “familiar,” but that is exactly why this post is delicately important to me.

This is not to make a person feel sorry for me. This is not to make ANYONE (race, color, gender, etc.) feel guilty. This is about the misinterpretation of how we are so easy to categorize people — making their culture the dominant, when in fact, it doesn’t fit.

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Pardon this expression but I have on various occasions told my Dad that he was white. I told him he wasn’t the typical black man doing what “black men” are branded in doing. White men are seen as astute. Well versed. Classy. Sociable. If not rich, at least, middle class. They think in terms of leaving an inheritance for their children. However, black men are considered ghetto. Grammatically flawed. Lower class to no class at all. Take Denzel Washington for instance, I don’t think he is ghetto. I think is diction is behind words. Take a look at his life. It is shown in his craft of acting. His level is quite genius! But this picture captures him winning the academy award for Training Day where he plays a gangsta type role. Sure, he won it because he showed versatility but you know folks had something to say because they figured it was a “racists” move on those who voted.

Wow! We can be really close minded when we want. Unwilling to go beyond what’s in front of us and find out the depth of a person, place or thing. Rather limited I’d say!

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The hilarity of the show ‘Different Strokes’ when a rich man Richard Drummond (Conrad Bain) adopts brothers Willis (Todd Bridges) and Arnold (Gary Coleman) Jackson because their mother had died and the father was not around. This non-typical show lasted 8 years. It was warm, loving and funny as can be. This is what a FAMILY looks like no matter what form they’re in.
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What does this blog mean to me? It means “Just Because I’m Black …” …. I like the symphony. I read (lol) and write books, songs, etc. A few of my FAVORITE TV shows are Golden Girls, Frasier, Friends and Last Man Standing. I can’t forget Blue Bloods whose main character is Tom Selleck. I like Michael Buble. I’ve been listening to him quite a bit lately. His voice is smooth and serenades the heart enriched penetrative arrangements that soothe any given moment.

He has a story to tell! His oldest son Noah, now 5, was diagnose with liver cancer back in 2016. He testifies that the craft has a different meaning. Fame is null and void. Who cares about fame or fortune when you are hit with such tragedy?!

I don’t know … I hope if you’ve ever faced being branded because of your race, gender, ect., that you’ve been able to show who you are despite the foolishness of others! Shine forth and be who you are!

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