An Aborted Adoption

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Hannah grieved so deeply in her soul for a child that someone mistaken her as being drunk. She was weary and tears were the cover of her spirit. Longing for someone can be the death of desire. How then can the gentle touch of a baby fill the heart of a woman? For a man?

I am more than sadden by the news of any parent taking a child’s life. It is more horrifying than that of a gunmen shoot and killing children in the Sandy Hook massacre. Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen. Any harm to anyone, especially of that magnitude, is disgusting. In this context I’m referring to those who have longed to have a child and parents killing their babies!

What the hell?!

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I’m sorry if that seems extreme to you, but it is that extreme for me. I received a phone call last week about a loved one who’s grandchild was beaten to the point of death. She had been wanting to see her grandson but the mother kept dodging her. She would tell me different inklings she received that her grandbaby was in danger but never knew the drastic measures that would, eventually take place.

As of right now, since I’m typing this days before posting, the little boy is in the hospital. He has been beaten until he, may, have lost his eyesight.

What would make a mother, a father — anyone for that matter hurt an innocent child? You know they can’t fight back. It’s likely, in this case, that the mother is heavy on drugs and, apparently, her boyfriend didn’t give a rats crap about the child since he’s not his son.

I am practically in tears because, not only does last week’s news affect me, there is another child so precious to me that, I believe, is in the same predicament. Some may think verbal abuse is not as significant but I strongly disagree. It is equal to that of a child being beaten. Scarring is scarring!

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What causes any adult to look at that tiny adorable little one and decide “You’re not worth a dime?” My God! My God! Help us all!!

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