Broken 2 Mend

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Yesterday’s blog has inspired a thought. The thought is – sometimes (or maybe most) we are broken to help someone else. No, it’s not easy at all, however, those experiences bring to light when we come across someone who has gone through a similar situation.

My little sister is a great example. When she moved here from Canada she had a rough adjustment. Her father is a pastor. That can be a hassle in and of itself. Well, upon her arrival a mutual friend of ours was over the music department in her father’s church. He was getting ready to leave for college when he privately spoke to me about choosing a successor. My little sister came to mind.

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The mutual friend revealed it to her than to her father. An announcement was made and she became the minister of music. SHE WAS PUT THROUGH HELL!!! I mean, OMG, the team members let her have it. I was instructed by God to be her covering so I was there to kind of take some of her heat, but, and she’ll tell you, I let her take hits. I told her it was important for her growth! Of course, she, like others, would disagree when you’re feeling like she did. Interesting enough I had suffered something similar a few times. The last situation I dealt with stretched me soooooooooo far I’m surprised I didn’t break!

Upon taking the hits I instructed her to keep reading her Word. To learn valuable lessons such as paying attention; be opened to different possibilities that are not obvious; allow your character to be shaped into the Fruits of the Spirit {love, joy, peace, long suffering, etc.}; etc.

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There was one time a huge argument broke out in rehearsal. Folks were cussing! Yes, they used foul language lol. I sat and conversed with the other musicians as the singers went back and forth. I was well aware to what was going on. I stepped in when some proceeded to get in her face. I called her name (and her name alone) to come and sit next to me! The team wouldn’t confront me about — anything!! She was safe! It was then the chaotic situation began to deplete. Some tried to walk over to where we were, but I said to them “You have every right to discuss situations with the leader, however, when you are about to cross the line of disrespect and possible violence I’m not having it! I will stand firm that you will not cross that line. Now, if you have something to say, say it, but remember I will take her out of here because each and every one of us will respect her as our leader!”

I got some nerve, huh? (lol).

That was and is the point. We all need to be stretched and God knows our limits. Just when you think you can’t take anymore — you can. Just when you think it’s about to end — it lengthens. And just when you think “Okay God, what now?” is when He steps in after you’ve learned the valued lessons He wanted you to get.

Here’s a part of an extended poem I wrote in 2014. I hope it encourages you …

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