Blog Fridays: A Poem of Remembrance

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December is here! Christmas and New Year’s vastly approaches. It’s amazing to think that this year is almost over, but crazy enough, that the year went by so fast. Before we’ll know it we will be celebrating our first president, George Washington’s birthday. A day off for some of us {smile}. I was telling my niece before she turned 18 that before she knows it she’ll not only turn 18 but, in the blink of an eye, she’ll be 30. Happy Around the Corner Birthday Niece lol.

Though this blog seems more like an end of the year I felt it important to remember all year long to remember the Creator and how marvelous He truly is. Again, I know this is strange, but we must take time to look back to where we were to where we are now and understand the importance of – it is not the thing we possess. It is that we’ve been kept here to be a light for someone. Thank you for being a light in mine. It’s very much appreciated!

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I present to you a reminiscent moment of October …. “Lest I Forget” ….

Written by Katherine Matthews

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