Blog Fridays: Black Friday — Purchase a Slave Today?!

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I NEVER knew this! I thought Black Friday was just a day to go shopping because everything is on sale. It’s a great way to purchase some Christmas gifts at, practically, half the price. How ignorant I am to not realize the actual behind the popular day after Thanksgiving celebration!

Celebration?! Seems rather far-fetched doesn’t it? But it isn’t. There are so many people who have planned out their shopping spree today. Some were willing, even, to sleep outside to make sure they could get that 50 inch TV. I’m not sure if this part still exists. I think they’ve tried to come up with a better solution due to riotous acts occurring in some locations. But, all in all, it’s a bit much to sleep outside for a TV or even for some other type of “gift”.

1869 On Friday, September 24 1869, in what became referred to as “Black Friday”, the US gold market crashed and Fisk and Gould’s actions left Wall Street barons bankrupt. It was not until later years that the post-Thanksgiving period became associated with the name.

Amazing of how one bad thing was changed into something positive. I guess that is the way we supposed to see things. Selling slaves was horrible and, yet, many, many years later we’re celebrating by buying something on sale!

Makes you think!!

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