Blog Fridays: Intimacy – Touch “Me” If You Can

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Intrigued?! Excited?! Puzzled?! Great!!! Well, lick your lips and enjoy the ride! Intimacy has been lost in so many ways. Having sex is not intimacy! I repeat … having sex is NOT intimacy. Can it be intimate? Of course, however, the magic touch is in the connection between the two individuals.

A magic touch is when my significant other grabs my hand just to hold it while he’s driving. Kissing it ever so gently because he’s just grateful that I’m by his side. Or when he gazes into my eyes! He is so quick to say “With your beautiful self!” LOL. It tickles me all the time. He asked for a lower back massage and I could feel the tightness! I can’t have him suffering like that so, duh, I gave him one, but I added another magic touch! While massaging his lower back I also gave him a kiss massage!! Hmmm …. Tasty!!

What in the world is a “kiss massage?!” I’m glad you asked (wink)! It’s when you kiss your partner head to toe just so he or she can relax. It takes their mind off the “pain” they’re feeling and brings it to a sensational calm that’s soothing in every way possible. Its connection is powerful and sure to work every time you try it. Well, I’ll try not to be too extreme to say it works all the time. The other party has to be willing.

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So, this short and sweet blog “Intimacy – Touch ‘Me’ If You Can” is inspired by lost romance so many couples are in. That lost reason to why you got together in the first place. When that first initial reason of connectivity is lost you have to work to get it back. Remembering is not enough! You have to put that thought into action; again, understanding you need both parties on board. Why would one partner lose interest and not be willing to consider that first moment?

Great question! By then that means they have decided something broke and reached a point of no return. The break not only split but shattered into millions of pieces. A lost of respect tends to be what broke. Unless both parties wanted to gain that trust (respect) back it can’t and won’t ever be mended.

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Take the time before work, school, play, etc., to remind your partner why you love them! Don’t take them for granted. It’s very easy to lose it overtime because life gets busy. This is why you have to STOP and recognize (acknowledge) the little things as much as you can. I say this time and time again to different individuals facing disruption. First, ALL women want is security!! If she told you otherwise she’s lying. All we really want is security! The difference in and with all of us is how we define it! If she sees your compliments as a means of security then she will need that affirmation a lot! There’s, likely, an underlining reason and that’s when you dig in to find out what’s at the core! If you love her … it’s worth it!

Men! ALL MEN … all you want is to be respected! If I, women in general, were to disrespect you it would make you feel like you’re less than a man! You define your manhood in certain ways. For instance, if you are a person who need your significant other to stroke your ego by simple affirmations to what you give — you will lose hope. Questioning yourself is not, necessarily, one of those things you like doing; especially when it comes to women. If we cause that break in you it’s not good and we need to stop!!

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Touch ‘ME’ … ultimately YOU — US! Let the IN-TIMA-CY start within and share it with the one your love! I guarantee we will win!!

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