The Nagging “Woman”

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Hold up! Before you get bent out of shape about this common phrase let’s tackle it beyond the emotion. We first must clarify if this statement is true. Can women be nagging? Absolutely yes, and I’m a woman (lol). I’ve actually heard women nagging about things that seemed inane. I know. I know. This can be argued; only thing is what does the other party being “nagged” have to say about it? We can be some of the most closed minded people on the planet. Yes, I’m talking about women. We can jump to things so quickly without hearing the full story that you can’t blame the other person for tiring or just shutting down completely. Maybe we need to find a better way to communicate than saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over ….. we need to get this picture.

Which leads me to the next point. Before continuing on, I will add to the above paragraph by stating men can be a nag too, however, their frequency doesn’t parallel in comparison. My opinion of course. Anyway ~ yesterday’s blog got me thinking about how many times I post in a day; even a week. My frequency is as follows: once a day pending the line up like the strings I’ve posted in the past where the quotes tied to each other. That is about all I’d do. No more or less, but has it been to my detriment?

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Like the example of a nagging woman a person can tire of hearing her ramble. The, once important, feeling, statement and/or comment has become too much. She has felt as though her frequency hasn’t been heard; acknowledged. Why? Because of that outcome mentioned yesterday. We just don’t know what an outcome will be and that can, at best, piercing to the soul (lol). But can it have a profound effect in other areas?

If I were to post more than once a day would I be recognized more? Would I acquire more readers; listeners; concern …. worth? Why would I not expand so that fulfillment is reached? I’m not sure. Are you?

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Frequency matters in a lot of ways. Like anything, it always depends on the subject, the only problem is: what if that person believes the frequency in something doesn’t fit the decorum of what another thinks? This is where those problems stem. As noted before, I’ve read those helpful blogs to broaden my readers, but I know I’m still missing something. It’s not in what you may think. Thank you faithful few, again, for giving me your attention! It’s greatly appreciated and recognized daily! Actually, I’m referring to appealing to myself as a blogger? Yes! MYSELF! I’m trying to branch out of my comfort zone physically as well as mentally. Tackling these somewhat insecurities of “HERE I AM” gets the betterment of me.

What is your belief? Does frequency matter? Is there a limit or is the nagging “woman” right in her approach?

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