Blog Fridays: The “P” Word To Life

Good morning ladies and gents! Each of us seek, in some way, to better our lives. It’s why we awaken to go to work; further our education; etc. We believe that as we consistently meet the “requirements” of everyday the cushion we’ve imagined, eventually, will be at its best! Why else would we strive to work with a boss who may get on our nerves; even if we’re the boss and we’re looking in the mirror (lol)?

There are several wholesome ways to change our lives. I’m sure you can think of a few right off the top of your head but what should be at the top of the list?

I go to the gym 5 days a week around 2 to 330 in the morning (usually around 330 it just depends on if I was able to sleep the night before if I go at 2)! I’ve, recently, increased my goal to burn 1300 calories or more a day. Can you believe I sometimes push this up to 1400? Yes, I’m losing it (lol). It’s overload (lol).

So, what’s that one thing (step) that will change your life? ….

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This blog is to be straight and to the point. Planning is key to functionality. I don’t function very well when things are disarray. I tell those who live their lives “all over the place” to start to organize. They have a fair question: how do I become organize? Funny, sometimes they ask how do they become “more” organize. You first must show the qualities of organization before “more” to apply (lol).

In each of us lies the ability to be consistent. It doesn’t matter if it is as small as watching a favorite TV program every week. That same time and day is a starter. Some may wonder why didn’t I use going to work as the example. Well, it’s because those who are inconsistent (all over the place type thing) will, eventually show this in the workplace. There’s a friend of mine who USED to be this way. She found a job and then lost it approximately 6 to 7 months later. The reason: she started showing up late; calling off; wasn’t completing standardize tasks within a day/week’s time. The job let her go. She went without work for a long period of time! This behavior (for a lack of a better word) was shown in her marriage and parenting. Her and her husband broke up (this particular one; she’s been married a few times) and a big part of why the relationships she got into was because of this pattern! It’s not her testimony now, but it sure was then!

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She began to see it! She recognized the inconsistency and started taking small steps. She currently is working a full time job and in a committed relationship! I asked her if she thought of marrying the significant other, but she said “Yeah, I don’t know about all that!” (lol). She said she’s not in any hurry considering her past. Jumping into something is not what she wants to do. Taking things slow, planning ahead has become the ideal!

You can do it! Grab hold to the one thing that you do consistently (again, preferably wholesome) and take it from there. Create a plan in other areas and set your mind to do it! Rather it’s weight loss, money management, consistency to building relationships with children, church, writing, etc., make it happen!

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