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Are you sure about that?

This is an interesting phrase! How do you follow your dream? There are so many help books out there to help lead us in the “right” direction to making our dreams come true, but I find a slight dilemma in such a concept. Authors are making millions sharing tips {kind of like the bloggers who have proven their method works because they have a ton of followers to prove it} to get us there but isn’t this mere self testimony and nothing more? Or … are there steps to becoming?!

So, I had to look it up and here’s one …

Here are 7 steps to start following your dreams right now:

  1. Awaken your true self. All our life we run after the things that are not even close to our heart. …
  2. Never underestimate your potential. …
  3. Do not wait too long. …
  4. Have a positive perspective. …
  5. Fake it until you make it. …
  6. Use your time well. …
  7. Overcome fear of failure.
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7 Steps To Immediately Start Following Your Dreams › 7-steps-to-immediately-start-following…

Allow me to dissect these 7 things …

  1. Awaken your true self. All our life we run after things that are not even close to our heart. — I agree that we need to know who we are! This is without argument. Many times we get lost in the shuffle because we are assuming what isn’t, is. We have to be honest that we’re left handed and stop acting like we are right! The only faux pas about this concept is the “choosing that thing that’s dear to our hearts.” There’s a few people I know who believe they should be the next Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. They have not reached such famed and they have a slue of reasons to why this hasn’t happened. Maybe the truth is, just because they bear some type of skill (and it’s closer than the clothes they put on) doesn’t mean they are the ones chosen to be stars. This would be a farce to a degree.
  2. Never underestimate your potential. — I agree! In this case my only discrepancy would be if you don’t realize your full potential. Sometimes people assume a person is lazy or not ambitious enough to be the “go getter”but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, and I’m serious, a person has the slightest idea. If you’re not ambitious that makes you lazy? If you’re more an introvert that makes you less? I disagree! It’s not for everybody will tend toward all of these.
  3. Do not wait too long. — What does this mean exactly? Doesn’t every dream take time? The fallacy behind this is there are so many people chasing and falling short believing it’s never gonna happen because so much time has passed by. Thomas Edison didn’t achieve the goal on one try. IT TOOK TIME! If this concept has an underlining meaning then there should have been more explanation. And, once again, what it takes for me may not take the same time for you!
  4. Have a positive perspective! — Now, this one has no arguments! No matter how many times we fall we have to get back up and try again. Realization of the truth must be first then we can follow the plan given for us to follow!
  5. Fake it until you make it. — This is funny right here. A friend of mine told me his Dad told him that just because he’s not rich doesn’t mean he shouldn’t look like it. There’s some truth to this. When going on a job interview the way you carry yourself matters; save it’s not required to be dressed up. But there’s a problem! I guess this is where a person goes into detail of what this statement means. Faking it until you make it can go awry. The illusion can start becoming a person’s reality. Do authors who write this stuff take into consideration that every type will read their material believing they can follow these steps and become? This stuff can become scrambled to a person unable to handle reality. I’m trying to be as careful as possible. A malfunctioned mind won’t be able to do this! Period!!
  6. Use your time well. — This is self explanatory!
  7. Overcome fear of failure. — A question come to mind. Is failure defined by the individual or the obstacle(s)? I ask this because if I go to an interview and the interviewer tells me I’m not qualified, and this happens 3 more times, should I believe them? This would tie into numbers 1, 2 and 3. I stand firm that you can’t allow failure to take hold. You must get through them! My only concern would be if the lessons I (or you) are learning doesn’t fall into the category we are going for isn’t it time to give up that dream and move onto the next?! Please, I’d like to know.
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Following a your dream can be tricky. Those trying to help make a world of difference. I know they can’t cover every nuisance out there; the book would be too long and heavy (lol). It just seems like writing (or means of aide tools) should be about discovering you you are with some tips of possibilities. But … am I wrong not seeing a grander picture?!

Please, I’m always wanting to know!!

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