KATch-UP Mondays: Are We Crazy?

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I had an interesting weekend. I had to take my car to the shop because my brake light has been coming on. The emergency brake to be exact. It’s common that it would come on when first turning on the car but, once running, it doesn’t come on unless while parked I push it for use. Unfortunately, lately it has been coming on rather I stop at a stop sign or light. It’s on and off sustaining for about 10 secs or more while driving. This is strange so, I had to do what we do … I googled (lol).

We are creatures of habit. There’s good and bad points being this way. It is how we learn: like our ABCs. We also use it to research. I think I’ve mentioned this before when the doctor said to stop googling conditions, but, to me, this is both good and bad! We go to purchase over-the-counter medicines all the time when we think we have a cold or flu; a wrap or sports cream for a sprain ankle. It’s what we do. So, when I googled about the brake light it said it could be either: the pressure of a tire, the fluid is low and needs replacing/filling, or brakes can be worn.

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I took it in and told them the problem. After about 30 to 45 minutes (also got an oil change) my name was called and told me the brakes were fine. But this couldn’t be possible. I saw my light come on. I even had my Dad look at it and he witnessed it himself. How can this be? Am I crazy? Did the light come on or am I making this up?

I’ve had these types of things happen before. I say something and another is trying to convince me otherwise, but I know I didn’t make it up. So, why does it seem like I do? The troubling thing about this morning’s blog is, first, I know I’m not crazy. The brake light came on and, as stated earlier, my Dad saw it. The mechanic said to bring the car back in if the light comes on again and they will do a full inspection. The other thing is mental illness runs in my family. To my knowledge I’m fine, but it has left me to wonder.

Are there tests out there that can be taken to prove rather or not it exists? I assume there are considering psychiatrists diagnose mental patients, but this notion is based off certain signs. I guess I’m not showing those signs!

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But … aren’t we?!

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