Are You Hypocritical Like Me? Hmm, But, Am I?

Seaworld Amusement Park was really fun a few years ago! I really enjoyed myself. I, recently, decided to look into it to see if I should visit again but discovered this tragedy instead. How is it that I didn’t catch this when I Googled it before?! I hate being blindsided by something that was so obvious! Naivety is not a factor. And send (though it’s over 9 years later) my deepest and greatest sympathy to Dawn Brancheau’s Family!

SeaWorld Trainer Killed by Whale Had Fractured Jaw and Dislocated Joints by Mark Mooney. March 31, 2010

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SeaWorld’s killer whale Tilikum broke its trainer’s jaw, fractured part of her vertebra and dislocated one of her elbows and a knee while thrashing her around its pool, according to an autopsy released today. The autopsy determined that Dawn Brancheau died of blunt force trauma to the head, neck and torso, and drowning when the giant orca yanked her into SeaWorld’s pool Feb. 24.

The orca’s was so violent with Brancheau that part of her scalp was “forcibly torn from the head,” the autopsy said.

The 40-year-old trainer was at ease with the killer whale and had just petted him on the nose. However, in a scene that horrified SeaWorld visitors, Tilikum grabbed her long ponytail when she turned her back, pulled her into the pool and began swinging her around in its mouth.

SeaWorld patrons quickly were ushered out of the area and workers tried to corral Tilikum, but by the time they retrieved Brancheau’s body she was dead.

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The whale’s violent motions fractured Brancheau’s lower jaw, part of her vertebra and several ribs, the autopsy determined. She also dislocated her left elbow and left ear. In addition, she had scrapes on her right ear.

The autopsy was released as SeaWorld and Brancheau’s family await a court ruling on their request to keep private a video of the fatal attack. The whale’s attack was recorded by SeaWorld’s surveillance cameras.

An attorney for Brancheau’s family, Jon Mills, argued that the family’s right to privacy outweighed the public’s right to view the video.

“There is no constitutional right to voyeurism and there is a constitutional right to privacy,” Mills said.

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Unless a judge intervenes, the material will become public under Florida law once the Orange County Sheriff’s Office concludes its investigation.

Tilikum, a male or bull whale, has lived at the park since 1992, and is the largest of SeaWorld’s eight killer whales.

Since Brancheau’s death, Tilikum has been removed from SeaWorld’s show and new protocols keep trainers away from the whale.

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Sadly, this story continues, insomuch, that Tilikum killed before. This incident was the last time. He died in January of 2017 of a bacterial infection.

I find myself torn in certain ways. I’m definitely not the type to see animals, and certainly not people for that matter, get killed in any way shape or form. Again, as the story continued, they didn’t put Tilikum to death. Should he had been since there were two other incidents one of which a man, Daniel P. Dukes, hid until the park’s closing, stripping to just his underpants, got into the tank with the orca.

Seems rather hypocritical! I’ll step on a cockroach; get a shoe to kill a spider; pay the exterminator to spray the house for ants and to ensure no mice allowed on premises! Is killing the small insect different from the large monkeys? Monkeys are large in comparison to a lady bug. But, regardless, is it merited? I’m at a loss on this one.

What’s your take?

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