The Blank Page — Pictures Like Thousands of Words

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019. It’s the latter part of dawn a mind scattered in the loneliness of dread. A writer’s worst fear has gripped — speechlessness has succumb. What should be done? Is there a way out? Are you even a writer when the block lasts more than a day; two … three?!

The inconsistent stroke of the keys reverberating — “type .. type … come up with something.” Words, phrases, sentences … formulate! Create the paragraph that will fill the page; tell a story. Writers have something to say but if they don’t? ….

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“Maybe I shouldn’t be here. Maybe the real truth is that I don’t belong. How can I claim the title when the words don’t want to flow? The ideas escape like the break of a dam running into the ocean. So, why am I here? I mustered up the courage to try to place myself in the arena with people who have mastered the idea to ideas. This is, yet, another avenue of disqualification! Perhaps, taking the hint is best!”

Not just one of those days. It’s one of those weeks. But an entire week?! It’s only Wednesday; two days left before there’s a “break.” I’m kidding myself. I was able to overcome the guilt of not writing on weekends. I was able to conquer the fear of joining the band of writers. I look for you but no one is looking for me! It’s failure reminding me that everything I touch turns to dust!

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Maybe today’s view is: can the string of disappointments stop you from trying again? It can, but it shouldn’t. When you discover your lane you blossom as never before. Oh, you will hit some pitfalls! It’s a part of how it goes no matter how great you are at something. I, and you (well, those who even run into the writer’s block [creativity’s] wall) must get back up and try again. Failure is the completion of an individual who has walked away and never returns!

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And, yet, here I am!!

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