Decisions! Decisions! Decisions — It’s Worth Repeating

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I’ve addressed this before but I believe it needs another reflection. Can you take away a person’s right to choose? There’s a notion that someone can take away such a thing. If there is a rule it will, somehow, make the decision for us; however, this isn’t entirely true. How can you remove a person’s thought, regardless, of good or bad? You’d have to be God and, last time I checked, neither one of us are! He doesn’t take it away! He gave us this right because He wanted a relationship, but that’s another blog for another time.

While at the gym this morning, I was speaking with my Dad of how most people don’t realize a non-choice is a choice. Case in point to the above, when the judge renders a verdict (or jury) the accused can still decide to accept it or not. Seems rather strange to say considering if the verdict was life in prison, but the truth is the accused could break away from the guard(s), kill him or herself, bust out; just too many to count. They’ve made many movies where a person plotted some type of escape (choice).

Image result for there are choices even when someone takes your choice

The enlightenment of today’s blog is our choices are the root to everyday! God told me some years back that I made the decision for the life I have. I was stunned! It didn’t dawn on me that I kept choosing the life I’m living. Why? I have no clue. How could I not see that I kept making choices that kept placing me in certain predicaments? LOL. Kinda funny when you think about it. See yourself, you’re making choices that are leading you where you are. Those ups and downs are joined together formulating what our todays and tomorrows will be.

Take courage that no one can ever silence you! But take greater pride to try to better your choices through wisdom principles! — important notation … checking with God will help (smile)!!

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