Strike a Pose on the: Left or Right?

An old game show called “Tattle Tales” consisted, of course, a live studio audience and the contestants were celebrity couples. One or the other’s spouse was to answer questions that they thought the would guess. The last question to end the game was “What side will your wife say is the best photo side you have?” Each husband got it right; two were right and the other left. That made me think since I’ve heard of there being a side. But how does this happen? Isn’t our face “one dimension?” Not necessarily in the purest since because I know that we are not symmetrically shaped. Hence one leg being longer than the other. One foot being larger; even the length of our arms.

Here’s a partial study …

Which side of your face looks betterThe left, research says. Scientists say the left side of our faces is most appealing, because we show more emotion on that side. … They found a strong preference for the left side of faces, regardless of whether the pictures were originally taken of the left side or mirror-reversed. Apr 23, 2012

Image result for why does one look better from one side?

Why is one side of my face better? The findings mirror similar research by Lindell which suggests that the left side of the face is seen as more attractive because it is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain, which is in charge of a person’s emotions.Apr 17, 2017 The ‘good side’ of a person’s face revealed in new study | The … › life-style › the-best-side-how-to-find-selfie-…

Why is left side more attractive? Broadly speaking, the right side of the brain is more involved with emotional expression, and the right side of the brain controls the muscles on the left side of the body. That means your left cheek tends to exhibit a greater intensity of emotion, which observers find more aesthetically pleasing. Nov 7, 2018 This Side Of Your Face Is Scientifically More Attractive Than The Other › 2018/11 › most-attractive-face-angles-study

I’m not sure of this. I’ve heard the functionalities of the right and left side of our brain; never imagining the left depicting a better profile of my look versus the right. This is quite interesting.

Do you believe it? Do you find yourself taking side shots because that side looks better than the other? I know I do. Just … interesting! ………

Right Side
Left Side

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