“The Blurred Truth”

A lingered thought always deserve another look. Why? It’s on our minds for a reason! It has an impact directly or indirectly. In taking another look at yesterday’s post about lying, I looked up the “fudging the truth.” This is crazy!

Definition of fudge (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : foolish nonsense —often used interjectionally to express annoyance, disappointment, or disbelief. 2 : a soft creamy candy made typically of sugar, milk, butter, and flavoring. 3 : something that is fudged especially : a bending of rules or a compromise.

Image result for you can't handle the truth
Jack Nicholson in ‘A Few Good Men’

Why is this funny to me? LOL!! I couldn’t figure it out. I’ve heard the phrase used before but didn’t realize the “annoyance” behind it (lol). Smearing the truth is not a good thing! It’s never a good thing. I’m unsure where you stand on that matter after yesterday’s take but, perhaps ….. it’s “pending”!

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