KATch-UP Mondays: Evil’s Intent

Politics play a role in most facets. It doesn’t matter rather you like it or not; it exists and won’t stop because your opinion: good or bad. I’ve had to learn how to deal with it on various jobs I’ve had, also in interpersonal relationships. I wish I didn’t but couldn’t get away from it.

Not following what’s going on in the world, though I’ve tried, has been virtually impossible. The “news” is shown/heard each time I turn my head lol. Recently, I mentioned to my Dad that the President has been set for this time. Notice (beyond the norm of what we think a president should be) he has revealed sooooooooooooooooooo much stuff because basic intellect has escaped him. It has not been within reach. Realizing the “sooooo” may seem a tad extreme, yet, you must admit this President keeps a person scratching their head.

Image result for giuliani
See, even Giuliani has the “duh” moment lol

His perfection in reveal is always needed in life. What do I mean? Because intellect is aloof we have been afforded to find out all kinds of stuff. As I hear the news, even now, about his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, he leaves the a resounding dissonance in the atmosphere. Although, he did a great job during the 911 attacks (a personal opinion) he is …. WOW! But the sad thing about Mr. Giuliani he fits the moronic overtures of our current President.

The “Me Too” movement, the crookedness in the White House, etc., have been key components to what we need to know as citizens. People all of the world, for that matter, is suffering behind the foolishness that is Trump. At least I think so. Unnecessary wars. My usual question come to mind: What is wrong with this man?! LOL …. Answer, “He’s just doing what he knows how to do.” Scary, but true.

The beginning depiction has some validity; the part where politics having no morals. But that’s where people like you and me come in with principles of integrity. You can’t rid politics but you can learn how to play them!

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